[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] GNSO Review: 360 Assessment & SCI Input

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Tue Sep 9 19:23:05 UTC 2014

Dear SCI members,

Staff consulted with Ron, Cintra and Avri to see if they thought it would be
helpful to the GNSO Review effort for SCI members to participate in the 360
Assessment Survey that is currently out for response. Ron and Avri are both
members of the GNSO Review Working Party that is working with the
independent examiner (Westlake Consulting) to develop survey questions and
assess Westlake¹s analysis of the survey results.

The SCI is uniquely positioned to provide really useful feedback to
Westlake, based on the SCI¹s mandate and members¹ experience working through
the various requests, reviews and proposals we have had to deal with. As
such, we hope that if you haven¹t already done so as a community member you
will take the time to respond to the survey:

For more information, here is GNSO Councilor Jen Wolfe¹s blog post about the
Review and the 360 (Jen is also the Chair of the Working Party):

Please let me, Ron or Avri know if you have any questions. Thank you in
advance for your time!


Mary Wong
Senior Policy Director
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)
Telephone: +1 603 574 4892
Email: mary.wong at icann.org

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