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Thanks Avri.  I think SCI has 15 minutes in the agenda so how shall we split the time for our respective reports?  (Lori and I can work out who will give the SCI Chair (or Vice Chair) report based on time zones etc.)  I am copying Glen with respect to your recommendation that both the Chair (or Vice Chair) and the Council Liaison provide a report to Council.

Let us know if you have further thoughts after review of the January 20 mp3 and/or transcript.  I was not previously aware of a protocol to “never make a decision in one meeting”.  We can certainly discuss this within SCI on our next call.

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I have no idea what letter people are referring to at this time.
I do not, however, feel at all comfortable with the way the process is being run.
And the only letter I have approved is the one that Mary provided.

SCI has always been a deliberative body.  We discuss things more that once and allow time to ask questions, especially of those who cannot attend a meeting.  Several groups have adopted a practice of never making a decsion in one meeting.  This seems like a excellent practices.  And while in the past that has never been a problem, we seem to be adopting a new pace that may make such a practice necessary.

As for consensus, we tried to achieve that with discussion.

As for the report, having thought about it a bit more, I think you should be able to make you own report remotely Anne, as required by the charter.  Or perhaps Lori as vice chair can do it. I will give a brief liaison report.


On 27-Jan-15 16:22, Angie Graves wrote:
Dear Anne,

I agree with your revised letter to Jonathan.

Thank you for your time on this.


On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 3:48 PM, Lori Schulman <lori.schulman at ascd.org<mailto:lori.schulman at ascd.org>> wrote:
Dear Anne,

Thank you for the concise run down of events and positions.  I agree with your proposal on how to proceed with the report and the request for direction.



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