[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Consensus Call: Waiver of 10-Day Motion Deadline and Resubmission of Motions

Julie Hedlund julie.hedlund at icann.org
Tue Sep 22 14:40:45 UTC 2015

Dear SCI members, 

As discussed during the SCI call last week on 17 September, please see below
the proposed letter from the SCI to the GNSO Council on the issue of the
waiver of the 10-day motion deadline and resubmission of motions.

This is a consensus call.

Please indicate your agreement with, or objection to, the proposed letter.
If there are no objections or changes received by COB Tuesday, 29 September
2015, the letter will be presumed to be accepted by full consensus.

Kind regards,

Julie Hedlund, Policy Director


Dear Jonathan,


On 05 March 2015 the Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation (SCI)
submitted to the GNSO Council a Review Request (see attached) on the issue
of whether the waiver of the 10-day deadline for the submission of motions
can be applied to resubmitted motions.  The Review Request was one of two
that the Council approved at its meeting on 16 April 2015.  The SCI is
continuing to discuss the other Review Request from the Council for the SCI
to consider codifying the current informal procedure for amendments to
motions and to recommend any changes SCI believes (through full consensus)
are appropriate.


The SCI has determined after a review of the GNSO Operating Procedures that
by its terms as previously approved by Council, the waiver of the 10-day
deadline for submission of motions does not apply to resubmitted motions.
Further, after lengthy discussion of the possible issues, the SCI is
reluctant to make any recommendations to change the current status of the
Operating Procedures given that no instance of a problem arising in this
regard has occurred.   The SCI also notes that although changes to the GNSO
Operating Procedures are not recommended at this time, the SCI could revisit
the issue if requested by the Council and, specifically, if there is a
contentious issue that warrants further analysis.


Please let us know whether you or the Council have any questions or require
further information concerning the SCI's response to this issue request.


Best regards,

Anne and Rudi


Anne Aikman-Scalese, SCI Chair

Rudi Vansnick, SCI Vice-Chair

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