[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Consensus Call: Waiver of 10-Day Motion Deadline and Resubmission of Motions

Amr Elsadr aelsadr at egyptig.org
Sat Sep 26 12:35:17 UTC 2015

Hi Anne,

> On Sep 26, 2015, at 1:53 AM, Aikman-Scalese, Anne <AAikman at lrrlaw.com> wrote:
> Thanks Angie and Amr.  Just to be clear, and unless I am corrected by staff, we are making sure in the Consensus Call that SCI representatives have either (1) reviewed the issue with their respective SOs/ACs and obtained approval

I actually haven’t reviewed this with the NCUC membership, however I only normally only do this during a consensus call where the SCI is recommending changes to any of the GNSO operating procedures.

> or that (2) they have been delegated authority to express approval by their SOs and ACs without further consultation.

Yes…, I believe I have been delegated the authority to speak on behalf of the NCUC on the SCI.

> I am only raising this because in each case, you have said “I think” and “I agree”.  Can you please confirm you are acting on behalf of your constituencies/stakeholder groups?

Thanks for taking such care in confirming this, Anne. Apologies if I wasn’t clear earlier. Please consider this a vote in favour of the consensus call circulated by Julie.

Thanks again.


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