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Michelle DeSmyter michelle.desmyter at icann.org
Thu Apr 21 21:10:40 UTC 2016

Dear All,
Please find the MP3 recording of the Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation meeting held on Thursday, 21 April 2016:

On page:http://gnso.icann.org/en/group-activities/calendar#apr

(transcripts and recording are found on the calendar page)


Anne Aikman-Scalese – IPC – Primary – Vice Chair
Amr Elsadr – NCUC – Primary
Rudi Vansnick – NPOC –Primary –Chair
Wolf-Ulrich Knoben – ISPCP – Primary
Renata Aquino Ribeiro – NCUC - Alternate
Angie Graves – BC – Primary
Sara Bockey – RrSG – Primary
Karel Douglas – NCSG – Alternate


ICANN Staff:

Mary Wong

Glen de saint Gery
Julie Hedlund

Michelle DeSmyter

 ** Please let me know if your name has been left off the list **

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Michelle DeSmyter

Adobe Chat Transcript 21 April 2016
Michelle DeSmyter:Welcome to the Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation (SCI) meeting held on 21 April 2016.
  Sara Bockey:Hello
  Michelle DeSmyter:Hello, welcome Sara!
  Angie Graves:am on hold waiting to be joined to the call
  Michelle DeSmyter:I will let the operator know you are holding- one moment
  Amr Elsadr:Hi Angie. Hi all.
  Angie Graves:Hi Amr
  Amr Elsadr:Are we expecting Anne or Lori today?
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr: I have not heard otherwise.  Lori asked for the calendar invite to be sent to her again.
  Julie Hedlund:I haven't heard from Anne.
  Amr Elsadr:Thanks Julie.
  Michelle DeSmyter:I will go ahead and send out another reminder that the call is taking place now
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr -- 25th or 26th for the extension?
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr: Thank you for confirming.
  Julie Hedlund:25 April.
  Michelle DeSmyter:Welcome Karel!
  Rudi Vansnick:hi Karel
  Karel Douglas:Hi ALL
  Karel Douglas:Hi Rudi
  Amr Elsadr:@Julie: Are you suggesting one public comment period for both issues, or two public comment periods running alongside each other?
  Amr Elsadr:It wouldn't be for the next Council meeting for sure. Too little time for public comments.
  Rudi Vansnick:hi Mary
  Mary Wong:40
  Karel Douglas:I am seeking some 'quick' guidance. I am an alternate to Stefania (Primary) and according to SCI charter only one of us is permitted to  participate  at this conf call
  Amr Elsadr:@Julie: That sounds efficient, but I wonder if it may be found confusing? Just a thought.
  Mary Wong:@Karel, all members can attend - but voting is only for primary members.
  Amr Elsadr:@Karel: You're both welcome for all calls.
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr: We can be very clear that there are two separate changes, which we have done in the past.  It seemed to work fine.
  Amr Elsadr:OK. Thanks Julie.
  Karel Douglas:thanks Mary / Amr - the wording in the charter  reads "Only one of the two, primary or alternate, may take part in a consensus call."
  Karel Douglas:It should probably be amended to allow the Alternate to partake and /or observe but voting be reserved for the primary
  Amr Elsadr:@Karel: That is correct. If the primary is unable to declare a consensus call for any reason (offline or absent), the alternate is meant to be able to step up. That is my interpretation of the charter, but it isn't really specific.
  Karel Douglas:Thanks Amr for the clarification
  Mary Wong:@Karel, you can participate in all conference calls and meetings; as noted, it is only when voting (e.g. for Chair/Vice Chair). In formal Consensus Calls that can be done by either the primary or secondary delegate, but not both.
  Mary Wong:Thanks, Amr!
  Karel Douglas:Thanks Mary - The verbiage could be clearer as it currently can lead to some ambiguity
  Karel Douglas:https://community.icann.org/display/gnsosci/2.+Charter
  Amr Elsadr:Funny. This committee is meant to clear up ambiguities in the GNSO Operating Procedures!! :-D
  Karel Douglas:HAHAHA - excatly what I was thinking Amr!!!
  Amr Elsadr:Agree with WUK on this.
  Sara Bockey:Question re election process that's out of the box from what we've been discussing.  Is there a reason why we couldn't do away with "Houses" and have simple majority of all votes for any councilors put forward for chair? Just curious.
  Sara Bockey:Newbie question I know.  Just curious
  Mary Wong:That would require changes to the current Procedures
  Julie Hedlund:@Sara: The current procedures state, "a. The GNSO Chair shall be elected by a 60 percent vote of each house."
  Mary Wong:It is also not within scope of the current request from the Council.
  Amr Elsadr:@Sara: Interesting thought, but as a first thought, I'd rather not. Majority of the two houses is closer to consensus than a simple majority of both houses.
  Julie Hedlund:@Sara: The Procedures also state, "a. Each house will be allowed to nominate one candidate for GNSO Council Chair. Each house is responsible for determining how to nominate its candidate.  A candidate for GNSO Council Chair does not need to be a member of a house, but must be a member of the GNSO Council.  Should a Chair be elected from outside of the houses that Chair will be a non-voting Chair."
  Sara Bockey:OK - cool.
  Amr Elsadr:Or maybe not considering the larger number of councillors in the NCPH. :)
  Amr Elsadr:It actually is an interesting thought. :)
  Mary Wong:Yes it is!
  Sara Bockey:Just seems it would be less complicated if we didn't divide the GNSO
  Mary Wong:I think this arrangement was part of the agreed result of the last GNSO Review, where the bicameral House arrangement was launched.
  Sara Bockey:gotcha
  Amr Elsadr:I need to think about this more. There are possibilities. Gotta do the math. :)
  Amr Elsadr:I would like to hear from the IPC on this, since it is their suggestion.
  Amr Elsadr:But I agree with WUK.
  Julie Hedlund:All: Anne is tied up on another call and will join if she can get away.
  Julie Hedlund:Not sure if Lori can join.
  Amr Elsadr:Thanks Julie.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:hi sorry for joining in late
  Karel Douglas:Thanks Julie
  Michelle DeSmyter:Welcome Renata & Anne!
  Karel Douglas:Hi Renata
  Karel Douglas:...and Anne
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:hi thanks
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Hi all - so sorry to be late  -client issue.  Could not get through by dialing in so I asked for a dial out.  Just listening now.
  Julie Hedlund:@Rudi: Old hand.
  Amr Elsadr:Hi Anne. Hi Renata.
  Karel Douglas:Is "14 calender days" the usual time frame for such activities. The suggestion to increase the time frame from 10 to 14 calender days allows for a generous period of time for the parties to decide upon an intrerim chair
  Amr Elsadr:Wait a minute..., what changes are we going to make? What alternative do we have to this scenario?! :)
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Thanks Michelle now in.
  Michelle DeSmyter:Absolutely! :)
  Mary Wong:As this is a last-resort scenario, it is hard to see any other reasonable alternative.
  Amr Elsadr:@Mary: Exactly. :)
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr and Wolf-Ulrich: Do we then include the language proposed by Wolf-Ulrich, or leave it as is?
  Julie Hedlund:Or do we write in an exception, if so what should it say?
  Amr Elsadr:As long as every Councillor is elligible to run, we can't cover all scenarios. Unless we introduce a rule that allows for a non-councillor to act as interim chair of the council. :)
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr: I think we need to avoid that :-)
  Julie Hedlund:It would be simplest to leave the text as is.
  Amr Elsadr:@Julie: My suggestion is to leave scenario 4 as is. We may need to explain to the council what the thinking was here, and why we made an exception.
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr: Thank you for clarifying.
  Karel Douglas:Newbie question ( Amr ) - NCA?
  Amr Elsadr:Sorry Karel. Nominating Committee Appointee.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I think leaving as is would be good
  Karel Douglas:Ahhh....thanks buddy
  Karel Douglas:i didnt find it in my glossary of abbreviations
  Amr Elsadr:There are three NCAs on Council. Two voting NCAs attached to each of the houses, and one non-voting NCA who is homeless. :)
  Amr Elsadr:I meant two voting NCA, one attached to each house.
  Karel Douglas:got it, thanks Amr
  Amr Elsadr:Thanks Anne. Appreciate it.
  Amr Elsadr:I will go ahead and ask folks in the NCUC, especially to clarify whether or not I'm missing something as a result of the last inter-sessional. Thanks again Anne.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Thanks Julie!
  Amr Elsadr:Was dropped off the audio bridge just now. :(
  Rudi Vansnick:we are close to the end  ;)
  Amr Elsadr:Back on now, but missed what Julie just said.
  Amr Elsadr:OK. Wonderful. Thanks.
  Julie Hedlund:@Amr: Just that the next step after this language is agreed to is for staff to draft changes to the Operating Procedures for review/consensus call.
  Amr Elsadr:Thanks much Julie.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Good point Julie.  we ca
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:need OP changes for Consensus call!
  Amr Elsadr:Two weeks sounds good.
  Julie Hedlund:@Anne: That is correct!
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:ok
  Sara Bockey:That's the 12th, right?
  Angie Graves:5th, no?
  Sara Bockey:5th works
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:same time right?
  Julie Hedlund:All: 05 May at 1800 UTC
  Amr Elsadr:Oh..., actually I won't be able to make it on teh 5th of May. Will be travelling.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:ok
  Karel Douglas:2 weeks is good for me - 5th is good (cinco de maio)
  Amr Elsadr:Or I "may" be travelling from May 3rd to May 6th.
  Karel Douglas:cinco de mayo*
  Amr Elsadr:Thanks all. Bye.
  Julie Hedlund:Thanks everyone.  Have a nice day!
  Karel Douglas:Thanks Rudi...and all
  Sara Bockey:Thanks all!
  Karel Douglas:Bye
  Angie Graves:You, too!  Bye
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:thanks bye

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