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Thu May 5 21:35:06 UTC 2016

Dear All,
Please find the MP3 recording of the Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation meeting held on Thursday, 05 May 2016:  http://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-sci-05may16-en.mp3

On page:http://gnso.icann.org/en/group-activities/calendar#may

(transcripts and recording are found on the calendar page)


Anne Aikman-Scalese – IPC – Primary – Vice Chair
Rudi Vansnick – NPOC –Primary –Chair
Wolf-Ulrich Knoben – ISPCP – Primary
Renata Aquino Ribeiro – NCUC - Alternate
Angie Graves – BC – Primary
Sara Bockey – RrSG – Primary
Karel Douglas – NCSG – Alternate
Lawrence Olawale-Roberts – BC – Alternate

Amr Elsadr – NCUC – Primary

ICANN Staff:

Mary Wong
Julie Hedlund

Michelle DeSmyter

 ** Please let me know if your name has been left off the list **

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Michelle DeSmyter

Adobe Chat Transcript 05 May 2016
 Michelle DeSmyter:Welcome to the Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation (SCI) meeting held on 05 May 2016 at 18:00 UTC.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:Hi
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:trying to find my mic 1 sec
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:sorry computer noise, it ended
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:this icann calendar, can you send me the link?
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:ah this one http://gnso.icann.org/en/group-activities/calendar
  Julie Hedlund:@Renata: I think Rudi is referencing a different calendar invite - one that goes out with the meeting invite.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:ah ok Julie tks
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:This gnso calendar does not seem to be exportable so it is another one
  Julie Hedlund:@Renata: Yes, thie GNSO calendar is not exportable.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:would be great if this one was
  Julie Hedlund:@Renata: The Secretariats send a calendar invite when they send out the meeting notice.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:@Julie ok that is great too tks
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I would just point out to Anne`s comment I received a mail form ntfy-gnso-improvem
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:so this is when you monitor the wiki page right?
  Angie Graves:My apologies ~ I am on hold to join via phone
  Julie Hedlund:@Angie: Noted!
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:for the calendar, just a thought if there is a google calendar it is easier.
  Sara Bockey:apologies for being late.  it doesn't appear that I received the original notice or reminder
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I did mine recently https://community.icann.org/display/gnsosoi/Renata+Aquino+Ribeiro+SOI
  Julie Hedlund:@Anne: Yes, that is correct.  I've posted the language on Issue 1 in Adobe Connect.
  Karel Douglas:Hi ALL
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:hi karel
  Karel Douglas:Hi Renata!
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:thanks Anne
  Mary Wong:@Rudi, yes to your first question
  Rudi Vansnick:@Mary thanks ... that helps a lot
  Julie Hedlund:@But is there a need for two vice chairs?  Can it be done with one?
  Karel Douglas:All - is there a stipulated time period for  'new' elections once an interrm vice chair has been appointed?? There is no time frame and the interim vice chair appears to be able to remain in  the post  for an inevitable period. Should we not  limit the term of the "interim" appointments to a fixed period of " no more than 30 days' etc
  Karel Douglas:or...there "shall be elections to fill the post within 30 days from the appointment of the vice chair etc"
  Karel Douglas:This closes the open ended process for the election of officers
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:Karel, there is a time frame for different scenarios on the rules of procedures
  Karel Douglas:Ok thanks Wolf-Ulrich, I will check the rules
  Julie Hedlund:@Karel: And if a Chair is not selected a new election has to be held within 30 days.
  Karel Douglas:Thanks Julie - I noted that there could be an issue after the appointment of the VC
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:we could review the text on the list already
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:agree
  Julie Hedlund:@Wolf-Ulrich: Staff can send the revisions to the Operating Procedures to the list for review.
  Karel Douglas:As a newbie I agree...however I'm an Altenate to Stefania
  Karel Douglas:so I agree
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I am also Amr alternate :)
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:@Karel - It's a straw poll not an official vote so I think you can indicate agreement when you like.
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:How can we fit into the Helsinki meeting?
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:That's correct Julie.  this is NOT a consensus call yet.
  Karel Douglas:OK great ...thanks Renata and Anne.
  Karel Douglas:i'm still learning the ropes! thanks guys
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:ok, public comment is a must!
  Julie Hedlund:@Mary has confirmed that we usually do 40 days public comment.  This would take us through Helsinki even if we speed up approval of the language.
  Julie Hedlund:@Wolf-Ulrich: The SCI puts it forward to public comment.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Ouch - 40 days  means it won't work.  Should we go ahead to put friendly amendments out?
  Julie Hedlund:@Wolf-Ulrich: Amr as Liaison could provide an update to the Council, but not sure if this could get on the program for next week's meeting.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Agree with JUlie that we put our recommendations out for public comment first.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:@Wolf-Ulrich.  Maybe we can take your question via Amr to the Council before we finalize.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Julie - did not mean to say that was your reason at all!@
  Rudi Vansnick:i lost audio
  Julie Hedlund:@Anne: But we do have informal procedures to address amendments to motions.  Much of what we are doing is just putting them on the record.
  Lawrence Olawaleroberts:I support the suggestion of sounding out the council to find out what might possibly work best for them before going out for a public comment. otherwise we may wait for their comments during the public comment period
  Angie Graves:Apologies ~ I must leave this call.
  Julie Hedlund:@Wolf-Ulrich: Amr could inform the Council, but not sure if there will be time on the agenda.  We will have to check with the Chairs if it can be added.
  Rudi Vansnick:i'm back
  Julie Hedlund:But we also haven't had a consensus call on the language.  Do we still want to present it to the Council?
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:We could it "present" on the council list as soon as ithe consensus is available
  Julie Hedlund:@Wolf-Ulrich: But we would need 2 weeks for Consensus Call.
  Julie Hedlund:So it wouldn't be ready for the Council meeting next week.
  Mary Wong:Rudi, I am afraid it is too late to include it on the Council's May agenda, except as an AOB for information
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:@Julie: but its before Helsinki
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:I think Consensus Call on Chair election language should happen first.
  Julie Hedlund:@Rudi: If we just want Amr to do a presentation to the Council then I dont' think we need the public comment -- that is, we aren't presenting it for approval, just for discussion.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:IS the SCI on the GNSO Council agenda in Helsinki?
  Julie Hedlund:@Anne: Once the Council approves then we must immediately produce a revision of the Operating Procedures.  And then we probably would follow with another revision in a couple of months.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:JUlie, Could we just update procedures after both issues are dealt with.
  Julie Hedlund:But then it wouldn't help the Council because the procedures would not be changed.
  Julie Hedlund:There would be no formal procedures for amendments and they would still be following informal procedures.
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Yes, but the informal procedures would be clear and written.
  Karel Douglas:Bye ALL!
  Anne Aikman-Scalese:Thanks Rudi and everyone!
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:Bye all thanks
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben:thanks all, bye

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