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Aikman-Scalese, Anne AAikman at lrrc.com
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Well here we are definitely establishing a disincentive to proposing new innovative services.  We are saying in this straw proposal that if you propose new services, it is going to cost you more to apply and we don't know how much more.   This is a terrible  idea running a program which is otherwise touted as fostering innovation and competition.

My proposal is that there be two tracks - and not that the application fee changes if you propose new services.  If no new services are proposed in evaluation, you go to one dept/staff set.  If new services are proposed, you go to another section for evaluation so that at least some new services proposals get launched in parallel to those proceeding without new services.  New services should in fact be part of evaluation (and not delayed to contracting phase where the community is not involved.)

With respect to Jeff's comment about possible delay in string contention sets because some applicants for the same string propose new services and others do not, it strikes me that this would be exactly the wrong situation to favor the applicant who proposes no new services.  Of course I completely disagree with the idea that proposing new services should give you an automatic two year 9or any other period) of off-ramp delay.  No one will propose new services if it's an automatic 2 year delay.

I wish to thank Jeff, Avri, Rubens, and especially Cheryl in advance for your willingness to consider new ideas that actually arise in the working group (as opposed to being developed by leadership only and then strongly advocated by Jeff and Rubens on the calls.)

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Hi all. Based on our call today, this is a new straw-person to base our discussion on Q23 (Registry Services):

"Applicants will be allowed but not required to specify additional registry services. List of  previously approved registry services (IDN Languages, GPML, BTPPA) to be included by reference in AGB and contract.
If applicant informs additional registry services, applicant will specify whether it wants it evaluated thru RSEP at evaluation time, contracting time or after contract signing, acknowledging that exception processing in evaluation or contracting could incur additional application fees.
If applicant has not informed additional registry services, RSEP will only be available after contract signing. "


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