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Thanks John.  As mentioned on the call and in my email, it is not an objection to having two different tracks.   And I am not insisting on the old system.   The objection is to charging applicants more for making applications that propose new services - that language is in the new straw person.  Charging more for applications that propose new services runs counter to the stated purpose of the new gTLD program, i.e. to encourage innovation and competition.

I also object to delaying discussion of new services to the contracting phase.   I believe these new services form part of the evaluation process.

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> Well here we are definitely establishing a disincentive to proposing
> new innovative services.  We are saying in this straw proposal that if
> you propose new services, it is going to cost you more to apply and we
> don't know how much more.  This is a terrible idea running a program
> which is otherwise touted as fostering innovation and competition.

I was one of the people who evaluated the registry services in the current round, and I can say that a list of pre-approved services is an excellent idea.  In this round, most service proposals were cut and pasted from boilerplate provided by a handful of backend registries, and we spent a lot of time effectively looking for cut and paste errors.  (I wrote some text comparison tools to speed it up.)  Then when we found such errors, there'd be a round or two of negotiation to fix them, generally just changing the text to what it should have been in the first place.  There were some services that were actually different and needed skilled evaluation but they were a small minority.

The alternative to some services approved quickly and some evaluated slowly is to have them all evaluated slowly again.  I don't see how that would help anyone other than running up the billable hours for us evaluators.

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