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Jeff Neuman jeff.neuman at comlaude.com
Fri May 5 03:46:40 UTC 2017

Thanks Anne for the note and for participating.  You asked some great questions.  Good to see JAS is still around.

Just to clarify, I am not sure we were talking about rejecting any of the advice from JAS Advisors.  In fact, I think we were agreeing with their advice completely.  As part of the subsequent procedures PDP, I view .home, .corp and .mail out of scope.  These were applications submitted during the 2012 round and are being handled through separate processes.  Those cases will work out however the work out and for our purposes I believe that we were assuming that no one could apply for those names going forward because by the time the next application window comes around, either the names will (i) still be in dispute and therefore on hold, (ii) delegated to one of the 2012 applicants or (iii) permanently reserved.

The discussion last night went to questions of
(i) was controlled interruption the right solution and did it achieve its goals,
(ii) are there other ways these can be achieved,
(iii) is controlled interruption necessary going forward,
(iv) if so, is 90 days the right amount of time or could it be shorter (as JAS alluded to in their final report),
(v) Is the emergency solution still necessary and is 2 years the appropriate time frame for a registry to be “on call” [my words not theirs].
(vi) Are there other terms that due to their volume of DITL queries that should be “reserved” at the top-level?  How do we determine if there are and what those strings are?

There are probably other questions I missed, but I am not sure how any of this goes against the JAS advice.


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Hi Rubens.  Thanks for your careful and detailed presentation last night.  (I learned a lot!)

I can't tell whether my message sent afterward ever reached the list.   ( I resent it myself after originally sending by mistake to the ntfy address but my own message never came in to my Inbox or my spam.)

Jeff mentioned he did not know whether JAS Advisors was still around.  They are apparently still around and still doing Internet security work.  (See link below.)  As mentioned during the call, I think we need an update from JAS to this group in order to deal properly with the policy-making process.  After all, this was the basis for the New gTLD Program Committee action so if we change that recommendation, we need a basis for rejecting the expert advice they obtained other than the anecdotal observation that  "we think JAS went overboard".  This is especially true as to .home, .corp, and .mail.  I realize this will cost money but have no idea how much.  Can we get an estimate?

Separately, many thanks to Steve Chan for following up with the GDD on the questions they have not yet answered re our work team.  (And happy travels to those attending the GDD summit.)

See:  https://www.jasadvisors.com/

Thank  you,


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Dear WT4 members,

The next call for the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Sub Team – Track 4 - IDNs/Technical & Operations will take place for 60 minutes on Thursday, 4 May 2017 at 03:00 UTC, 04:00 London, 05:00 Brussels; Wednesday, 3 May 2017 20:00 Los Angeles, 23:00 Washington.

For other times: http://migre.me/wwanH

The proposed agenda is as follows:

1.     Welcome

2.     SOIs

3.    Recap of name collision definitions and advices prior to 2012 application window

4.    Recap of 2012-round collision measures (provisional and final)

5.    Description of possible policy options expressed in CC2 questions

6.    Differences between 2012 implementation and SAC066 SSAC Advice (time permitting)

7.            AOB

Adobe Connect room: https://participate.icann.org/newgtldsubteams/

You can connect your audio by following instructions in the pop up in the AC room, or use the Connect Me option that will be sent in the calendar invitation.


CLO & Rubens


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