[Gnso-newgtld-wg-wt4] Financial evaluation failures

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Fri Sep 1 20:55:49 UTC 2017

25 applications failed financial evaluation criteria; of those 25, 3 also failed technical evaluation. Of those 3, 2 were multiple questions failures (3 questions in one application, 5 questions in another). 

Even removing those 2 that are more like generalized  issues, there were:
- 18 applications that failed Q45 (Financial statements)
- 3, 2 being open TLDs from the same applicant and 1 brand TLD, applications that failed Q50 (Contingency planning)
- 1 GeoTLD application that failed Q48 (Funding and revenue) 

Comments on those:
Q45: Clearly the worst offender of financial evaluation. Something to be discussed in more detail in our next call. 
Q48: Possibly just an applicant that refrained from providing wild guesses on financials. That GeoTLD currently has 14k registrations with no history of giving domains for free/cheap, so it's probably better than a good number of other TLDs that are still losing money. 
Q50: The Brand TLD that is already a cost center instead of a revenue line probably failed it in a way similar to Q45 (lack of declaration from officers committing X amount of money). The Open TLD applicant is a curious issue; I'll try asking that applicant if he is willing to provide the full text of the answer. 


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