[Gnso-newgtld-wg-wt5] Recordings, attendance & AC chat from GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP WG Work Track 5 (Geographic Names at the top-level) on 15 November 2017 at 20:00 UTC

Terri Agnew terri.agnew at icann.org
Wed Nov 15 22:34:16 UTC 2017

Dear All,


Please find the attendance of the call attached to this email and the MP3, AC recording, and chat transcript below for the GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP WG Work Track 5 (Geographic Names at the top-level) on Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 20:00 UTC. Agenda wiki page: https://community.icann.org/x/FgNyB


As a reminder only members can join the call, observer can listen to the recordings and read the transcript afterwards. Please email gnso-secs at icann.org <mailto:gnso-secs at icann.org>  if you would like to change your status from observer to member.


MP3:  https://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-new-gtld-subsequent-track5-15nov17-en.mp3

Adobe Connect Recording:   <https://participate.icann.org/p6e1v2seu87/?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=ce7e785a0a091b72246862de4fa632b84d8777a9ce753fff8c3bfcf2940c2a6f> https://participate.icann.org/p6e1v2seu87/

The recordings and transcriptions of the calls are posted on the GNSO Master Calendar page: http://gnso.icann.org/en/group-activities/calendar

** Please let me know if your name has been left off the list **


Mailing list archives:  <http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/gnso-newgtld-wg-wt5/> http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/gnso-newgtld-wg-wt5/ 


Main wiki page:  https://community.icann.org/x/YASbAw


Thank you.

Kind regards,





Adobe Connect chat transcript:

   Terri Agnew:Welcome to the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Sub Team – Track 5 – Geographic Names at the Top Level call on Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 20:00 UTC for 60 minutes.

  Terri Agnew:agenda wiki page: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_FgNyB <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_FgNyB&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=yi5JRLbrqk_7BgkwOFcrMX_uHI0y6H_qGRmg5Fa1nUg&e> &d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=yi5JRLbrqk_7BgkwOFcrMX_uHI0y6H_qGRmg5Fa1nUg&e=

  Terri Agnew:WT5 member/observer wiki page: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_UplEB <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_UplEB&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=L-euk7S6svUDKkd5XAJEpZTzmyYWNblFrm8_4uhjtEs&e> &d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=L-euk7S6svUDKkd5XAJEpZTzmyYWNblFrm8_4uhjtEs&e=

  Terri Agnew:If you were unable to join the WT5 session in Abu Dhabi, recordings and transcripts are available: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__icann60abudhabi2017.sched.com_event_CbGp <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__icann60abudhabi2017.sched.com_event_CbGp&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=uZba3u0XElU_XMNmsZNFap4acC2qZ4pRzPXMTrXeIF0&e> &d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=uZba3u0XElU_XMNmsZNFap4acC2qZ4pRzPXMTrXeIF0&e=

  RAHUL GOSAIN:Hi Everyone

  Barrack Otieno:Hi Everyone

  Annebeth Lange, ccNSO:Hi all!

  RAHUL GOSAIN:Part of the reason is probably got to do with it being a rather late hour for this part of the world!

  Rosalía Morales:Hi Everyone!

  Wafa Dahmani:hello all

  Ching Chiao:Hello everyone

  Christopher Wilkinson:Good evening everyone. Christopher

  Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet UK:Hi everyone

  Tatiana Tropina:Hello everyone 

  Ching Chiao:pls kindly note that I am in Adobe only

  Terri Agnew:Hi Ching, thank you for this

  Raymond Mamattah (Ghana):Hi, greetings from Accra, Ghana

  Thongchai Sangsiri:Hello everyone

  Ching Chiao:Thanks Terri

  Aziz Hilali:Hello Evryone

  Dave Kissoondoyal:Hi all

  Dave Kissoondoyal:Bonsoir Aziz, comment c'a va?

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Welcome everyone, so pleased to see a good turn out for our kick off call

  Jeff Neuman:just got connected :)

  Alfredo Calderon:Hello to all! A pleasure to be here.

  Svitlana Tkachenko:Hello all!

  Juan Manuel Rojas (NPOC):Good afternoon/evening to all! 

  Terri Agnew:Please note we do have some members on telephone only and noted on the agenda pod

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair)::-)

  Aslam G Mohamed:Hi everyone I am on the New York subway and listening in!

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):SOIs are an essential for engagement in GNSO PDP's however so as a Member/Participant  *DO* fill one out!

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Observers are welcome to fill one out also  of course ;-)

  Aslam G Mohamed:hi Cheryl an you guide where to fill in the SOI? can’t find it on the screen.

  Steve Chan:@Aslam, the Statement of Interest (SOI) page is here: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_display_gnsosoi <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_display_gnsosoi&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=_aBjxAS1XmFgwWmtlGTPHj6-N8Mrn5tlSegm38eBp_4&e> &d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=_aBjxAS1XmFgwWmtlGTPHj6-N8Mrn5tlSegm38eBp_4&e=

  Aslam G Mohamed:thanks Steve will fill in once I reach office 

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):Becauase of community concerns Board decided on different measures or just GAC concerns? 

  Olga Cavalli - co chair WT5 - GAC:hi all I had some difficulties to access the room

  Terri Agnew:@Olga, what difficulties were you experencing with adobe connect? 

  Olga Cavalli - co chair WT5 - GAC:link took me to a different room

  Olga Cavalli - co chair WT5 - GAC:and connectivity is not the best

  Alfredo Calderon:@Terri, I had the same issue.

  Juan Manuel Rojas (NPOC):It happened to me too... (different room)

  Juan Manuel Rojas (NPOC):It was opening subteams room

  Olga Cavalli - co chair WT5 - GAC:yes subteams one

  Terri Agnew:The Adobe Connect room changed shortly after first invite was sent out, apologies for any difficulties this caused.

  Justine Chew:It was unfortunate that all the previous meeting invitations and reminders bore the AC link for the other WTs

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Ohh dear  did it we do apologise

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):my calander invite had the /WT5 one so I guess I was lucky :-)

  Timothy Asiedu:Greetings to all.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Welcome Timothy

  Olga Cavalli - co chair WT5 - GAC:In this call I will be only in the chat, thanks Jeff for introducing ou work in the gac

  Justine Chew:@CLO - I stand corrected, not all, but certainly the first ones.

  Timothy Asiedu:Greetings to all.

  Jeff Neuman:You do not have to be a member of the PDP WG.....that said, we would love you to participate if you want

  Annebeth Lange, ccNSO:Also remember that you can change from observer to a participant if you want to get closer to the action :-)

  Jelena Ozegovic (ccNSO):First time member here! :) Many thanks for the welcome

  RAHUL GOSAIN:In this call I too will be available only on chat

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):noted Rahul

  Juan Manuel Rojas (NPOC):Welcome Jelena! 

  RAHUL GOSAIN:Thanks Cheryl

  Annebeth Lange, ccNSO:Could the staff please give the participants the link to the recording from the Abu Dhabi meeting?

  Emily Barabas:https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__schedule.icann.org_event_CbGp_gnso-2Dnew-2Dgtld-2Dsubsequent-2Dprocedures-2Dpdp-2Dwg-2Dface-2Dto-2Dface-2Dsession-2Dii-2Dwork-2Dtrack-2D5-2Don-2Dgeographic-2Dnames-2Dat-2Dthe-2Dtop-2Dlevel&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=3RPB-y17aFKl0Q3d-BXv1G91eBv0IWlxudf5UhYBR8U&e=

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):On que Emily!

  Emily Barabas:And a recording of the communications tools session was circulated on the mailing list earlier today for those who would like to see it.

  Annebeth Lange, ccNSO:Thanks, Emily! Very quick!

  Emily Barabas:There is also a second communications tools session schedule for Tuesday 21 Nov at 10:00 UTC

  Jeff Neuman (Overall WG co-chair):Adobe Connect allows people to edit their own personal information for these calls.  You can go to the top right corner of the "Attendees" tab, click on the arrow and hit "Edit my Info".  It is good to indicate next to your name the community to which you belong in parenthesis.  Like NCSG, ccNSO, gNSO, GAC, etc.

  RAHUL GOSAIN(GAC):Done thanks

  Jeff Neuman (Overall WG co-chair):FYI - Geographic Names at the SECOND LEVEL are outside the scope of this group, but are being discussed in Work Track 2.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Yes Jeff great guideline to follow (and remeber when you join in future take the time to make the additional infor with your name ;-) as you log in

  RAHUL GOSAIN(GAC):I was wondering how it was to be done but was afraid to ask

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Never be afraid to ask :-)

  Griffin Barnett:Emily, could you post a link to these slides? 

  jaap akkerhuis:There is a misnderstanding here. ISO 3166 is not avout names but about codes

  Annebeth Lange,co-leader WT5 - ccNSO:It makes it easier for everyone if you add your affiliation as well as your name, as Jeff said

  Heather Forrest:I have learned a valuable lesson from Jaap Akkerhuis, which is that ISO 3166 is best characterised as a "standard" rather than a "list"

  Alexander Schubert.riga:To put it short: If the Government if Israel demands the assignment of ".israel" in the next gTLD round: We need to come up with a set of policies to enable them to do so. "Protecting" Israel from  running ".israel" as a TLD looked strange in the 2012 round - but will be indefensible in the next round.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Jaap the slides are very much in shorthand - sorry,  but I know you have previously prepared excellent titorial(s on this for other work in geo name use in TLDs perhaps we can also reference it for this WT to learn from...

  Jeff Neuman (Overall WG co-chair):@jaap.  ISO 3166 is about "codes", but the Applicant Guidebook also refers to the country and territory names that correspond with the codes

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):should read tutorial Jaap sorry about the typos

  Kurt Pritz:@ Alexander: Too early

  Alexander Schubert.riga:Or somebody explain to Mr. Erdogan that he can not have a .turkey - in order to protect Turkey from..... what exactly?

  Emily Barabas:@Griffin slides are available here: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_FgNyB <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_FgNyB&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=yi5JRLbrqk_7BgkwOFcrMX_uHI0y6H_qGRmg5Fa1nUg&e> &d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=yi5JRLbrqk_7BgkwOFcrMX_uHI0y6H_qGRmg5Fa1nUg&e=

  Griffin Barnett:@EMily, thanks for adding the link there :)

  jaap akkerhuis:The fonancial codes start with the 3166 codes folowed by a single character 

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Our mandate is specificlly to focus on Names not other reserve lists of names of course,  

  jaap akkerhuis:ISO 4217 I believe, in the same token there is ISO 6166, financial instruments)

  Susan Payne:I don't think financial codes is ion our remit

  jaap akkerhuis:or languages codes (ISO 639)

  Alexander Schubert.riga:+1 Susan!

  Alfredo Calderon:@All, I agree.  Right now it is probably beyond our charter & Scope. 

  Juan Manuel Rojas (NCSG/NPOC):We are talking about Alpha-2 code, right? 

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):This is an agressive (but it needs to be) timeline

  jaap akkerhuis:alpha-2 is a generic term used in standards to denote a code consisting of two alphabetic characters. The term is used in multiple standards, not only 3166

  Alexander Schubert.riga:Juan: I think there is an ICANN community wide broad agreement that no two letter  ASCII codes should ever be assigned as gTLD!

  Abdul Saboor (NCUC):i think our path is to follow ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 -3 

  Martin Sutton (co-leader):It is a challenging timeline but we should appreciate the fact that this group is focused on one topic, whereas the other work tracks have multiple issues to manage.

  Karen Day:@Griffin - materials will be mailed afer the meeting and posted to the WT5 wiki here https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_display_NGSPP_Work-2BTrack-2B5-253A-2BGeographic-2BNames-2Bat-2Bthe-2BTop-2DLevel <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_display_NGSPP_Work-2BTrack-2B5-253A-2BGeographic-2BNames-2Bat-2Bthe-2BTop-2DLevel&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=PHAD7sgQt99AeTd8rMaoMyACzEkTF7YSzwYr7Gk0A_w&e> &d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=hzZy-EWRJeUMgmqJR2dXiM4LCJs42jDW0uyyB6_DPU4&s=PHAD7sgQt99AeTd8rMaoMyACzEkTF7YSzwYr7Gk0A_w&e=

  Martin Sutton (co-leader):And we can leverage previous work on this subject

  Griffin Barnett:Thanks Karen, I did previously check the wiki page for this meeting, but they had not been posted yet when I inquired.

  Karen Day:Sorry Griffin, my chat pod was out of sync, I see now you'd already gotten your answer 

  Griffin Barnett:No worries :)


  Kristina Rosette (Amazon Registry):Were the times cross-referenced against participant/observer list?

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):I am unclear on this "risk based approach" leadership is going to come up with. Any details somewhere ? 

  Ching Chiao:glad we have time rotations for future calls :) 


  Aziz Hilali:5:00 is too early  in Africa

  RAHUL GOSAIN(GAC):Glad that we are going to have rotating times

  Terri Agnew:reminder: please mute when not speaking. On the telepone you can press start 6 to mute. If you have actived your Adobe Connect microphone, please mute the mic

  Robin Gross:Will the chairing of sessions (between co-leads) rotate as well?

  Martin Sutton (co-leader):@ Robin - yes, we will rotate the chairing amongst the co-leaders

  RAHUL GOSAIN(GAC):@Robin:Hmm lets wait and find out

  Jeff Neuman (Overall WG co-chair):@Aziz - the plan is to have incovenient times all around the world :).  So yes 05:00 UTC is early in Africa (but really late in the east coast of the US - I think midnihght/1:00 am.  

  Annebeth Lange,co-leader WT5 - ccNSO:And remember - all questions are allowed!

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):so how many leaders this WT5 has? 

  Christopher Wilkinson:Robin - in principle, the co-chairs will rotate, but the exact modalities need to be worked out taking account of competing obligations for time and dtime zone.

  Justine Chew:@Farzaneh, 4 -- see Agenda pod

  Emily Barabas:Work Track 5 Co-Leads Olga Cavalli (GAC) Annebeth Lange (ccNSO) Martin Sutton (GNSO) Christopher Wilkinson (ALAC)

  Robin Gross:Thanks.

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):thanks 

  Olga Cavalli - co chair WT5 - GAC:@Robin yes the idea is that co chairs rotate 

  RAHUL GOSAIN(GAC):How does one putout the green tick?

  Cole Quinn, Microsoft/BRG:Unmute

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):you can clear your tick using the same drop down menu

  Cole Quinn, Microsoft/BRG:yes

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Perfect time for questions

  Maureen Hilyard:Great idea Cheryl - to support newbies to the CCWG


  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Well Maureen I plan on suggesting you as one of the resource people ;-)

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):and it's a PDP WT Maureen :-)

  Ching Chiao:<question> for IDN version of geo names, not sure how the co-lead and others plan to cover this topic ? 

  Kurt Pritz:To build on the questions of others: I'd appreciate a brief discussion on the "risk based" approach. How does that map to the issues to be discussed. Will it be sessions on: (1) risk with country names and then discussion of mitigations; (2) risks with city names and then discussion of mitigations, etc? Or will we discuss risks generally for all geo names?

  Heather Forrest:Good questions, Kurt +1

  Jeff Neuman (Overall WG co-chair):@Ching - Most of the principles we discuss should have some general applicability for IDNs, but we will need people like you and others to make sure that we are always thinking about how IDNs are impacted and to address those

  Ines Hfaiedh:good questions Kurt

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):and re IDNs  that is a topic for WT4 so there will be crossover matters we need to look at/ be aware of.

  Ching Chiao:thanks CLO, and Jeff 

  Robin Gross:"Risk" for whom in this analysis?

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):Yes I wonder that too Robin. 

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):explored by whom? the co-leaders listed here? 

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Perhaps this Risk Approach is an ideal topic to take to the mailing list for furtherdiscussion and deliberations?

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):consumer confusion? that has been always misused to actually protect others interest! I am not gonna go into this now but we need to discuss this risk based approach with the group 

  Heather Forrest:Do the co-chairs anticipate a DMPM-type data gathering exercise in carrying out this risk assessment?

  Jeff Neuman (Overall WG co-chair):@Farzaneh - I think that was brought up for illustrative purposes only

  Steve Chan:To Heather's questions, DMPM stands for Data and Metrics for Policy Making

  Robin Gross:Yes, more discussion.  Thanks.

  Alan Greenberg:Prefer another def'n I found: Drink More Post More

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):more discussions with the group, that would be great. 

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):If a DMPM data gathering is anticipated it would need to be looked at post haste with this tight timeline...

  Kurt Pritz:I appreciate the fact that we will considering risks to consumer choice as well as the risk to delegation of some types of geo names

  Farzaneh Badii (NCSG/NCUC):I have concerns if this risk based approach is being drafted only by co-leaders. I think we might need a drafting team. 

  Jeff Neuman (Overall WG co-chair):There are lots of risks......risks of preventing free speech, risk of confusion, etc......so risks can work in all ways

  Heather Forrest:Suggestion: On the next call could co-leads please encourage more discussion amongst participants? It has been helpful to hear from co-leads on this introductory call, but our meetings should ideally be an opportunity for participants to discuss matters

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO - PDP Co-Chair):Thanks everyone and special thanks to the WT Co-Leads  for getting this group off to such a great start...  Bye for now then...

  jaap akkerhuis:Bye all

  Justine Chew:I would like to repeat my appeal to the Co-Leads to use the WT5 mailing list to facilitate discussions, thank you.

  Alexander Schubert.riga:I have a good feeling. This here starts off good! Thanks to the leadership! Can't wait for the 2nd meeting.

  Kiran Malancharuvil:Thanks all.  

  Barrack Otieno:Thank you all

  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:see you on nov 29. clear first call . great wg and excellent number of participants

  Rosalía Morales:bye everyone

  Annebeth Lange,co-leader WT5 - ccNSO:Bye to all, thank you!

  Abdul Saboor (NCUC):bye all

  Wafa Dahmani (ccNSO-AtLarge):thank you all

  Robin Gross:Thanks all.  Bye!

  Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet UK:bye

  Olga Cavalli - co chair WT5 - GAC:byevthanks all

  Francis Olivier CUBAHIRO (Burundi GAC rep):thank you all

  Paul McGrady:Bye all

  Peter Van Roste (CENTR):Bye

  Darcy Southwell:Thanks, bye.

  aderonke adeniyi:thanks all

  Tatiana Tropina:thanks all - bye 

  Dave Kissoondoyal:thanks to the co-chairs and bye to all

  Ines Hfaiedh:bye all

  RAHUL GOSAIN(GAC):Thanks and Bye All See you all on 29th\

  Ann-Cathrin Marcussen:thanks and good night all"

  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:bye all

  Svitlana Tkachenko:thanks.  Good night

  Sebastien Pensis - EURid:Thank you all, good night

  Juan Manuel Rojas (NPOC):Bye all

  Brian J Winterfeldt:BYE!






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