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5 min before 10pm - nobody in Europe checks emails or is in the office anymore.
Question: would the objection involve cost?

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I thought it might help if we had more tools in our toolbox.  The ones we have aren’t very flexible (although variations could make them more so).  Here’s something a bit different than any of our current tools, and it might address some ongoing concerns and lead to some possible compromises (i.e., some people less happy with this vs. others, and other people more happy).
Notice and Opportunity to Object:  In this process, the applicant for a string with geographic meaning would need to provide notice to each relevant gov/public authority (RGPA) that the string was being applied for.  The application would go forward, but each RGPA would have a defined opportunity to object based on standards we would define and filed through one of the existing objection processes or a variation on an existing process.  The right to object would expire after a set period of time.  A letter of support or non-objection would not be required.  We could have some minimum standard on what constitutes a RGPA, so that applicants would not be contacting every wide spot in the road.
I look forward to thoughts on this or other alternative tools.
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