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Tue Dec 4 17:50:44 UTC 2018

Staff and all,

The addition of the word “perceived” in the second edit is inappropriate,
adds a note of skepticism, and changes the meaning of the sentence.

*This needs to be removed before publication.  *

Alternatively, we can add words like “perceived”, “claimed” and “alleged”
liberally throughout the rest of the document.  I think the first option is
easier to deal with.  Thank you.

Best regards,


On Tue, Dec 4, 2018 at 12:36 PM Emily Barabas <emily.barabas at icann.org>

> Dear Work Track 5 members,
> Thank you for your final input on the Initial Report. Working closely with
> the four co-leaders, staff has incorporated the following final edits based
> on the additional comments received:
>    - Page 13, final paragraph of sub-section b: Since the purpose of this
>    sub-section is to describe, in as accurate and neutral a manner as
>    possible, what happened in the 2012 round, the text now reads: "There were
>    varying outcomes; Some of these TLDs were permitted to move forward, some
>    were only permitted where an arrangement could be reached with the
>    geographic territory in question, and others were either not allowed to
>    proceed or are still the subject of dispute."
>    - Page 37, the sentence “Some of the problems and negative experiences
>    that some Work Track members identified from the 2012 round include the
>    following” has been changed to “Some Work Track members identified
>    perceived problems / negative experiences from the 2012 round.” This edit
>    follows comments that the sentence was phrased in an awkward manner and
>    concern that it is redundant to use the terms “problems” and “negative
>    experiences” in the same sentence. The edit seeks to address the underlying
>    concern while acknowledging that these terms are related but have different
>    meanings, and that Work Track members have used both terms to describe
>    items in the list that follows.
> Attached you will find the final version of the Initial Report that will
> be published for public comment shortly. You will also find the text of the
> announcement that will be posted for this public comment period.
> Congratulations to all Work Track members for your hard work to reach this
> milestone!
> Kind regards,
> Emily
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