[Gnso-newgtld-wg-wt5] Conclusion of CWG-UCTN on 2-character codes

Alexander Schubert alexander at schubert.berlin
Wed Jan 17 15:45:50 UTC 2018

I think the two character TLD question is rather simplistic:

*         We need to reserve ALL two letter combinations – RFP 1591 says so. Or we need to revise RFC 1591: GOOD LUCK with that one! Easier to revise the Bible – or the Bill of Rights!

*         We can’t assign two number combinations as they could be confused with IP addresses: Example 4th level domain “” based on the gTLD “.11”!

*         What remains are number-letter combinations! That’s 2 times 10 numbers by 26 letters = 520 combinations. With almost NONE of them really desirable for anybody. The rare desirable ones would be likely BRANDS, such as “.3m” (3m.com) or “.f1” (f1.com). How many would that be? A dozen?


On the other hand: Outside of the U.S. (96% of the world population is non-American) EVERYBODY knows that a two letter TLD is “something different”. And that is the one and only distinction the ccNSO world owns: they are the arbiters of the two character namespace on the top-level! Two-characters = ccTLD. Everything else = gTLD.


If I were the ccNSO I would ask myself: Just so that a handful of brands COULD (and nobody knows IF they WOULD want) grab a two character number-letter gTLD: do we have to give up the old order? As ccNSO member and as GAC member I would clearly draw a line here and say: “NO WAY”. 2 characters is the namespace-characterization of the ccNSO (even when they only use two letter combinations). Outside of the U.S. it would very much confuse the Internet User if suddenly SOME 2-character were gTLDs – or 3-letter TLDs were ccTLDs. That would destroy the old order. 

If this is factual incorrect or illogical: please correct me. If you support this notion: please voice your support!








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Dear colleagues,


Following up on Jeff's reference at the end of the WT5 call ended just now to the conclusions of the Cross-Community WG on the Use of Country and Territory Names (CWG-UCTN)- 


The conclusion of the CWG-UCTN on 2-character codes, and the rationale for that conclusion, was:


"The CWG recommends that the existing ICANN policy of reserving 2-letter codes for ccTLDs should be maintained, primarily on the basis of the reliance of this policy, consistent with RFC 1591, on a standard established and maintained independently of and external to ICANN and widely adopted in contexts outside of the DNS (ISO 3166-1)."


Full report here: https://ccnso.icann.org/sites/default/files/field-attached/ccwg-ctn-final-paper-15jun17-en.pdf


Kind regards,


Heather Forrest

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