[Gnso-newgtld-wg-wt5] Changes and Comments to the WT5 Draft Supplemental Report

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Greg, I understand that IF we allow number-character (2 character) gTLDs (which I am strictly opposing as I think the 2 character land belongs to the ccNSO: and I hope they put a FIGHT up here) it makes sense in THEORY to also allow number-number combinations (as you have suggested in your edits). However: we would then allow to have IP addresses being URLs, right?

Say somebody applies for “.64” – and then registers the domain “64” – and adds the 3rd and 4th level domain “64” – the result would be the domain – which is coincidentally also an IP address of a University in Texas.


I guess that could lead to minor troubles, or am I being hysteric here? We also have to be cognizant of overarching policy framework elements: Right now a gTLD has to consist of letters a-z as per “String Requirements” (2012 AGB). So we would ALWAYS have to add a provision like “if the general AGB PDP string requirements would permit numbers”. Otherwise we create a loophole.








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I have added my changes and comments to the latest draft of the report (attached as a Word document).  I only got up to f.1.3, so i will have further comments after the upcoming meeting.


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