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> On 28 Aug 2019, at 17:38, Sophie Hey <sophie.hey at valideus.com <mailto:sophie.hey at valideus.com>> wrote:
> <<City names present challenges because city names may also be generic terms or brand names, and in many cases city names are not unique.

 Dear Sophie Hey, Dear All,

I would propose to replace the above sentence with the following:

<<Some generic terms or brand names present challenges because they may also be city or other geographic names. In some cases city names are not unique.>>

Rationale:  (a). The city names pre-date  the Brand or the gTLD, if any.

(b) The cases of duplication of geographical names are in fact quite few. In nearly all cases they tend to be limited to several post colonial situations which are  - granted - sensitive in some contexts, but hardly represent the generality of geographical names.

For instance, with the exception of the Amerindian locations,  most duplicated names in North America can be traced back to their French, Spanish or English origins. 

I hope this is helpful


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