[Gnso-pdp-impl] GNSO PDP Improvements

Marika Konings marika.konings at icann.org
Wed Mar 12 15:09:28 UTC 2014

Hi Gabriela,

Please feel free to use the mailing list that has been created for this
group (gnso-pdp-impl at icann.org) which includes all the Council members
that have signed up so far (I don't think I saw Amr's name, but I may have
missed it).

Regarding speaking to the fellows, at this stage the PDP Improvements
efforts foresees reviewing existing efforts and make recommendations on
the basis of that. Reaching out to the fellows may be one of those
recommendations, but it might be too early to act on that now? FYI, a
policy update is already provided as part of the newcomer session on
Sunday which also includes the fellows.

Best regards,


On 12/03/14 16:00, "gabrielaszlak at gmail.com" <gabrielaszlak at gmail.com>

>Sorry, the free slot with fellows is on Tuesday 7 am (after the gala!!!
>Which is why is free yet)
>Again, please copy Mickey
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>I am forwarding to your emails but can't find mickey's email in my
>cellphone. Please forward this to him.
>My first attempt to the group bounced!
>This was my email:
>Hi to all,
>Thanks for initiating this Marika! I expected also Amr to join this group.
>Wasn't he going to?
>I have been talking to Janice from the fellowship program trying to
>arrange a slot with the fellows to talk about this.
>I know is too soon and we haven't discussed this yet but I remember that
>when I joined Icann avri told me I should join a pdp wg fast to
>understand how icann works and this was a great advice, so I thought we
>should at least talk to the fellows and alum. I thought it would be great
>to have mickey lead this activity with his presentation. I think that
>having both Amr and myself in that slot is relevant as we are both
>members of the feloowship family.
>There is a free slot on monday 7 am (or maybe it was 7.30 am?) that
>Janice has yet to confirm to me if it is available for this.
>What are your thoughts on this?
>Regarding Sunday I have it already booked by the BC...
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