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At a technical level, if the FOA email can get through to you behind your P/P service, then there's no reason to publish / reveal the underlying contact details . .. 

The reason we usually ask people to remove the service at the moment is, to the best of my knowledge, because a LOT of the emails don't reach their destination ie. The FOA email isn't relayed .. 


You would need to have a mechanism to make sure that GD's PP stuff wasn't being used in whois (or its replacement) once the domain is no longer with them.



PS: I've only had one coffee so I could be missing something really obvious and dumb . .. 

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Hi All,
I wanted to point out two other transfer scenarios where not publishing the Whois information of a proxy/privacy customer makes sense and seems
1) I decide to transfer all my domain names to Blacknight from a US Registrar and its affiliated proxy/privacy service. In doing so, I sign up at transfer for Blacknight's proxy/privacy service.  Why shouldn't my personal data be protected in that transfer -- with the Whois shifting from one proxy/privacy service provider to another, both with my underlying personal data?

2) My Registrar loses its accreditation and all domain names are transferred to Tucows. I sign up right away for Tucows privacy service. 
Why should my personal data be published in this already-difficult situation?  Why should potentially thousands or even millions of registrants lose their privacy?

Best and tx,
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