[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Proposed agenda for WG meeting on 18 March (Re: For your review - template Category B - question 3)

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 22:50:16 UTC 2014

Dear All:
I will miss this call; enroute to SIN.  Please tender my apologies.

Kind regards,

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On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 12:42 PM, Mary Wong <mary.wong at icann.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Further to Marika's message and attachment (below), here is the proposed
> agenda for the WG call on 18 March at 1500 UTC (again, for WG members in
> North America, please note the correct time given the recent changeover
> from daylight savings time):
>    1. Roll Call/Update to SOIs
>    2. Finalize template for Category B Question 2 (updated as of 17 March
>    to include all SG/C feedback received so far - attached)
>    3. Commence discussions on Category B Question 3 (initial template
>    forwarded earlier by Marika)
>    4. Next Steps/Next Meeting
> The WG wiki has also been updated with these documents:
> https://community.icann.org/x/oR3RAg
> Thanks and cheers
> Mary
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> From: Marika Konings <marika.konings at icann.org>
> Date: Monday, March 17, 2014 6:40 PM
> To: "gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg at icann.org" <gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg at icann.org>
> Subject: [Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] For your review - template Category B -
> question 3
>  Dear All,
> In preparation for our meeting tomorrow, please find attached the proposed
> template for Category B - question 3 (*What rights and responsibilities
> should domain name registrants that use privacy/proxy services have? What
> obligations should ICANN-accredited privacy/proxy service providers have in
> managing these rights and responsibilities? Clarify how transfers,
> renewals, and PEDNR policies should apply.) *If there is any additional
> information that should be added to the background section, please let me
> know.
> In relation to transfers, renewals and PEDNR policies, we've started to
> develop a list of questions that the WG may need to consider in relation to
> these policies. If there are any additional questions that should be
> included, please feel free to suggest. We are hoping that some of the
> registrar members will be able to shed a light on how these issues are
> currently handled and whether or not these need to be factored into the WG
> recommendations.
>    - Per the ERRP, 'registrars must notify the registered name holder of
>    the expiration at least two times'. Should there be a requirement for the
>    P/P provider to pass these notices on to the P/P customer?
>    - Per the ERRP, 'if a registration is not renewed by the RAE or
>    deleted by the registrar, within five days after the expiration of the
>    registration, the registrar must transmit at least one additional
>    expiration notice to the RAE that includes instructions for renewing the
>    registration'. Should there be a requirement for the P/P provider to pass
>    these notices on to the P/P customer?
>    - Per the ERRP, 'beginning at the time of expiration and through the
>    DNS resolution interruption period described in paragraphs 2.2.2 and
>    2.2.3, the RAE must be permitted by the registrar to renew the expired
>    registration'. What if the underlying customer wants to renew the
>    registration? Idem for restoration during the Redemption Grace Period.
>    - In relation to the IRTP, should there be any restrictions concerning
>    transfers of P/P registrations? (e.g. some of the terms and conditions
>    require the P/P services to be removed during the transfer process).
>    Depending on the response to this question, all communications in the IRTP
>    currently go via the transfer contact (Registered Name Holder / Admin
>    Contact). Should there be any requirements for this information to also be
>    communicated to the P/P customer? What happens if there is a disagreement
>    relating to the transfer between the P/P provider and the P/P customer?
> Best regards,
> Marika
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