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Don Blumenthal dblumenthal at pir.org
Tue Oct 21 16:53:52 UTC 2014


The chairs group met this morning while sparing the rest of you. We will send more about we talked about and thoughts about how we'll move from here later in the week after some drafting.

In the meantime, some WG members have suggested SME style briefings from the law enforcement community and data protection authorities, and it's time to schedule them. The idea is for individuals or groups to look at what we have produced and comment based on their perspectives. General discussions of p/p won't be neary has helpful.

We have a good set of contacts in LE because it has a presence at ICANN and Dick Leaming from Interpol told me a few times in LA that he will join. Suggestions still are welcome for because the ICANN regulars are self-selected, and partly on the basis of who can afford to come. That's not necessarily the best way to get a cross section of the community.

On the other hand, we are starting almost from zero on DPA. I have a friend and long ago FTC colleague who works on privacy and security matters at the OECD as a possible starting point but we need more thoughts.


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