[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] A very brief report f from M3AAWG

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Hey Don,

The only purpose of that in all fairness is the harvesting of information and the requestors being able to then create their own internal DB of "number" = registrant, so for future requests if it is in the DB, rather than the due process, they can simply not deal with the PP provider.

I am sure some PP providers will end up randomizing and changing the "ID" over and over again.

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I gave a presentation at this week’s conference in Boston. It was a something of a 20 minute version of the ICANN All Things WHOIS program, although with fewer topics and a focus on details that were most likely to be of interest to the anti abuse community. 

Four people raised the same suggestion either before the session or during Q/A: Require providers to assign unique IDs to their customers so that we can identify the p/p registrations held by a given entity even if we don’t know who is it. 

We can explore the idea or not, but I am certain that it will be suggested in public comments to our draft report. FWIW, the suggesters (word?) aren’t affiliated and were an international group. 

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