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I remember those conversations. In this case, Shield Guard affirmatively is holding itself out as offering a service and has at least one customer.

As for what is feasible to control and what isn't, I noted conversations in Los Angeles that suggested that at least some WG members might think that we could cast a broader net than it seemed in early conversations . The idea that law firms would have to be accredited is the best example. That's why we scheduled "revisiting" times. :)


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Hi Everyone

I think we have forgotten conversations that were held some time ago pointing out that anyone can provide what, in fact if not name, is a p/p service.  The example used was a person helping out an elderly relative out by being the front person for the relative's website.  How would anyone know that is the case.  But the larger question is the extent to which that is a problem.  Granted, once the service goes beyond one relative, to many relatives, to the whole village/suburb, there is an issue.  So I think we accepted some time ago that there will always be tiny/small players that will be hard to identify, let alone take action against.  And unless ICANN actually forbids anyone acting as a p/p provider (and how would that be enforced!) not every p/p provider will be caught by accreditation requirements.  Are we worried and, if so, is there anything we can do anyway.


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Doesn't appear to actually be operating.
Also, run out of UPS Store in Montreal.

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I hope I'm wrong, but I have the feeling that not many others have shared my concern about finding an unaffiliated p/p. Regardless


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