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Chris Pelling chris at netearth.net
Tue Sep 30 09:34:51 UTC 2014

Hi Guys,

Although I see the point ICANN are making, more focused blah blah - 
there is one thing that has been missed, and if I was attending ICANN 51 
(cant on this one) I would heavilty criticise them on, and thats 
disability, I am very very partially sighted, by laptop is inverted and 
my tablet is too, the text size is near an inch high on the tablet 
because of its screen, so I cant really see the whiteboard.

Certainly at ICANN 50, I tried to sit at the front of the WG's I went 
too, and honestly I still could not see them properly, so from a 
disability pov, certainly laptops/tablets etc should be allowed and I 
used mine to go into remote participation so I could zoom in on the text 
being discussed.

Kind regards,


On 29/09/2014 11:08 PM, Mary Wong wrote:
> Dear WG members,
> Thanks to everyone who has already sent in their votes for their “top 
> two” topics that they believe should be prioritized for discussion at 
> the face to face facilitated session in LA on 10 October. For those 
> who have not yet done so, please let me know your topic selections as 
> soon as you can.
> I thought it might also be helpful to provide a brief explanation of 
> the proposed “group agreement” principles we sent around. First of 
> all, please do not interpret these as final – they are all subject to 
> discussion as the idea is for them (or any others that are ultimately 
> adopted) to be the product of group agreement, so as to facilitate 
> greater collaboration, focus and likelihood of success. This may be 
> something that we can take up further during the WG meeting tomorrow, 
> for instance (for which we will be sending out a draft agenda shortly 
> as well). Essentially, any and all “group agreements” are the product 
> of consensus and agreed on prior to any substantive work or discussions.
> Secondly, on the specific suggestion of “no laptops or phones”, this 
> was included on the list of proposals because our experience with this 
> type of facilitated face to face sessions – including at a senior 
> executive staff training session and at the first ICANN Academy event 
> – has shown that this is one of the best “ground rules” for ensuring 
> that everyone is focused and present, and fully contributing to the 
> discussion.  As I noted above, this – like all the others – is a 
> proposal subject to group discussion and agreement, and the group can 
> therefore agree to (a) use the rule as proposed; (b) reject the rule 
> entirely; (c) use the rule with exceptions; or (d) something else. 
> Should (c) be the group’s choice, then part of that agreement might 
> include agreed exceptions such as the ones Don, Kiran and Paul have 
> listed.
> We also note the point made by Kristina and Kiran about communicating 
> privately, whether with others in the room or who are participating 
> remotely. Our thought on this was that one major objective of a face 
> to face session is to have everyone contribute to the group 
> conversation – to that end, while a session may (subject to physical 
> facilities and other limitations) break out into small groups and 
> such, the preferred dynamic when the group is together (as we 
> anticipate this WG mostly to be in LA) is for everyone to speak 
> publicly unless a request is made for a more private caucus. We have 
> planned to have a staff member keep an eye on questions and comments 
> from remote participants for that reason.
> I hope this clarifies the document in question and look forward to the 
> group’s discussion on these proposed principles.
> Thanks and cheers
> Mary
> Mary Wong
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