[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] a possible solution?

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Currently ICANN is domiciled in the US as a California non-profit.  But in
an effort to be international, we should observe April Fool¹s Day for all
jurisdictions. We should ask Staff to compile a comprehensive list of
dates for all countries, regions, languages, and cultures.

I expect the list could be large, perhaps covering over 1/3rd of the
calendar.  If you are unable to memorize it, then just assume any
announcement containing bad news is a joke.


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>Dear all, To be a truly international organization, IPC should move All
>Fools' Day to a neutral day. For instance, in Argentina it is December
>When I read this e mail I almost faint. :)
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>Of course, the following news will also affect our work:
>[Routers]  1 April 2015, Los Angeles   12:01am UTC
>Fadi Chehadé, CEO of ICANN announced today major changes in the
>internationalization of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Names and
>Numbers, as well as changes in other ICANN plans and activities.  These
>changes will take effect immediately.
>"To promote greater international equity in ICANN proceedings, we have
>decided to phase out English as our lingua franca," Chehadé announced.
>From now on, material written diplomatically will be distributed in
>the historical language of diplomacy.  All other formal communications
>use Arabic.  In this way, top management at ICANN will be able to follow
>activities of the ICANN community clearly and effectively.
>In addition, ICANN will rotate IANA approval e-mails in random order
>the entire ISO country code list, rather than just US/NTIA.  Each half
>month, a different  country's appropriate governmental body will handle
>approval e-mails.  Uruguay is first in line, handling approvals for 1-15
>April, followed by Kazakhstan.   An anonymous spokesperson for IANA
>that "timing of TLD requests may affect your results."
>In the interests of continuity and stability of ICANN, Fadi Chehadé
>announced that at the end of his term, his son will take over as President
>and CEO of ICANN.  In preparation, Chehadé intends to make every effort to
>solidify I* (pronounced "I czar") dominance for his reign.  Chehadé notes
>that the conflict is likely to be waged using their preferred weapon,
>'poison press releases.'
>ICANN's Los Angeles Headquarters will shortly be moved to the Queen
>Elizabeth II, which was recently purchased using ICANN auction proceeds,
>which will provide a movable extraterritorial base for stable and secure
>future operations.  The tradition of regional meetings will be retained as
>the QE2 sails between countries and continents.
>In line with its new extraterritorial status, ICANN will apply for UN
>membership, and has just designated John Jeffrey to be its first
>to that body.  Jeffrey, a U.S. citizen whose native language is Privileged
>and Confidential Californian, said that he planned to promote it as an
>additional UN official language.  Further, as part of its plan to
>itself to country status, ICANN has taken by eminent domain the two-letter
>domain ".IC"   The ISO and the government of the Canary Islands have been
>notified of this change.  ICANN expects also to apply for membership in
>GAC and to take an active part in its proceedings.
>After almost 15 years of effort, ICANN committees studying the evolution
>WHOIS have found a solution to the thorny issues plaguing their progress.
>"We have decided rather to create a WHOISN'T service for people who were
>never born," explained one member of a committee who requested anonymity,
>"We don't know who those people are because they never were, so we
>care less about what happens to their data."
>In a long overdue evolution of ICANN's tradition of open discussion, the
>public forum will undergo substantial revision.  At future public forums,
>the community will sit on stage, and the Board and staff will line up
>microphones and tell them what to do.
>ICANN congratulates the CWG for making such rapid progress.  In the
>tradition of digital archery, the CWG has adopted the principle of
>archery, and has recommended that IANA reviews be scheduled for each total
>solar eclipse, with the review committee consisting of representatives
>each country observing at least 80% of totality.  In appreciation of its
>service to the community, the CWG will be honored at its forthcoming 100th
>meeting by being awarded the coveted Sisyphus Perseverance Award, named
>after the Greek God Sisyphus, who really got the ball rolling.
>Until the ship sails, ICANN is still located at 12025 Waterfront Drive in
>Los Angeles, California, USA.
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>Maybe this is the solution?
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