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Darcy Southwell darcy.southwell at endurance.com
Mon Apr 27 18:05:03 UTC 2015

Regarding Holly¹s comments:
* Agree we need to move the definition section to the beginning of the
* Re para. 7, third bullet, I think there are times when a P/P provider will
not notify a customer, such as with certain LEA requests for Disclosure.
In addition to Holly¹s comments, and some grammatical edits and specific
questions in the attached, I think we should consider more careful use of
defined terminology:
* Throughout the Initial Report we refer to P/P providers in a number of
ways, e.g, P/P services, P/P provider, Service Providers, service providers,
accredited providers, ICANN-accredited privacy/proxy service provider, etc.
To be consistent and avoid confusion when this goes out for public comment,
we should probably stick with just one defined reference for a privacy/proxy
* We use both ³requestor² and ³requester² ­ I think what is really meant is
³requester² but in any event we should be consistent with our terminology.

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Folks - some suggestions/questions

- Move the definitions (now in para 17 of the Exec Summary) to the front -
to explain how we are using the terms. Add the term requestor to mean the
individual/organisation requesting contact details for the customer. Remove
all mention of the word reveal since this report is using the term
'disclosure' to mean revealing details of the customer to the requestor.
Also, add definition of relay to mean the p/p provider notifying the
customer that the requestor is trying to contact the customer.

In Para 7, 3rd dot point: Why would a customer not be told when the provider
has received a disclosure or publication request.  Further, it is not clear
why that dot point implies that a customer might not choose to cancel its
registration for both a disclosure and publication request

Para 16, First dot point:  I'm not sure about the use of the term 'abuse' in
the first sentence.  I think I know what is meant, but maybe something a bit
less harsh such as 'misuse or abuse'

Para 20:  Is there agreement on the process of de-accreditation of a p/p
provider?  This assumes that there is, but I"m not sure we have agreed on
what is meant.  Will a p/p provider be monitored for compliance, or will
compliance with this specification be complaints driven?  Have we come to
agreement on what to do when a complaint is upheld - about what, and what
will be done.  The text does mention that ICANN Compliance will have a role
- which is?


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