[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Updated draft Initial Report - timelines

James Gannon james at cyberinvasion.net
Tue Apr 28 06:58:07 UTC 2015

With all due respect Kiran to the thousands of at risk registrants it may well be rocket science.

This policy to people who are not involved in policy development can be rocket science, its a complex policy and one with far reaching consequences on people who have very little idea how policies at ICANN work, they just want to get on with the work that they do.

On last weeks call many of us felt that even with the current timeline for public comments that we may not be in a position to have much contrstructive work out of the PC comment in BA anyway and we agreed that we would revisit timing on this weeks call.

So lets just remember that we are making choices and decisions that are going to imact a lot of people with this policy, and while people who do this for a living, or those of us who give up our free time to work on stuff like this we have gotten used to the wording and the guts of the policy, for many people they will read the initial report and give us feedback and that will be their only interaction as they don’t have the option to be involved in the process at any other point as they don’t have the spare cycles in their very bust lives.

On 28/04/2015 02:27, "Kiran Malancharuvil" <Kiran.Malancharuvil at markmonitor.com> wrote:

>Delaying now robs us of a valuable opportunity to actually be productive in Buenos Aires. It may be 100 pages, but it ain't rocket science.

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