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Dear All,

Please find the MP3 recording for the Privacy and Proxy Services Accreditation Issues PDP Working group call held on Tuesday 28 April 2015 at 14:00 UTC at: http://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-ppsa-28apr15-en.mp3

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Frank Michlick - Individual

Val Sherman - IPC

Griffin Barnett - IPC

Kathy Kleiman - NCSG

Steve Metalitz - IPC

Graeme Bunton - RrSG

Jim Bikoff - IPC

Alex Deacon -IPC

Stephanie Perrin - NCSG

Phil Corwin - BC

Terri Stumme - BC

Holly Raiche - ALAC

Susan Kawaguchi - BC
Luc Seufer - RrSG
Roger Carney - RrSG
Sarah Wyld - RrSG

Carlton Samuels - ALAC

Todd Williams - IPC

James Gannon - NCUC

David Heasley - IPC
Paul McGrady - IPC

Tatiana Khramtsova - RrSG

Vicky Sheckler - IPC

David Cake - NCSG
Michele Neylon - RrSG

Kiran Malancharuvil - IPC

Richard Leaning -  Individual

Susan Prosser - RrSG

Lindsay Hamilton-Reid - RrSG

Chris Pelling - RrSG

Apologies :

Don Blumenthal - RySG
Osvaldo Novoa - ISPCP

Darcy Southwell - RrSG

Volker Greimann - RrSG

ICANN staff:

Mary Wong

Marika Konings

Terri Agnew

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Terri Agnew


 Adobe Connect chat transcript for Tuesday 28 April 2015

  Terri Agnew:Welcome to the PPSAI WG Meeting of 28 April 2015

  Holly Raiche:Greetings all

  Graeme Bunton:I can  hear you Steph

  Graeme Bunton:look on booking.com

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Does anyone know if theres a trick to getting adobe to work with a mac? Mic doesnt seem to work at all? Works fine in skype!

  Holly Raiche:I'm on a Mac, but get a dial in - which works just fine

  Paul:Hi everyone!

  Mary Wong:@James, sometimes a different browser helps e.g. Firefox over Chrome

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:oh yes Ill try that

  Terri Agnew:Adobe connect prefers Firefox. What browser are you using?

  Michele Neylon:firefox? ugh

  Michele Neylon::)

  Philip Corwin:There's no accounting for browser taste ;-)

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Yes firefox success

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Now I can badger you all during the call =)

  Michele Neylon:I'm still waiting for the operator

  Terri Agnew:Wlecome David Cake and Dick Leaning

  val sherman:Hello all. David Heasley also on audio bridge.

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Luc Seufer

  Mary Wong:Thanks, all - noted.

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Carlton Samuels

  Carlton Samuels:Howdy all

  Stephanie Perrin:Howdy Carlton!

  richard leaning:michele is right about that point

  Carlton Samuels:@Michele: Yes, so maybe we make it clear that some circumstances may bar you from sharing

  Luc Seufer:does the I in PPSAI stands for Irish? How many are you guys

  richard leaning:on the court order issue

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:=)

  Michele Neylon:only two

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Understood was jsut more of a comment on possibilities

  Michele Neylon:I don't like the idea of being forced to inform

  Michele Neylon:that's on the previous point - sorry

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:I think it should be both

  Michele Neylon:another registrar sounds more logical

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Sussan Prosser

  Luc Seufer:what?

  Paul:I can hear the phone

  Mary Wong:Yes, there are links and references in the Report to all agreements and policies referenced

  Mary Wong:We will double check that the links and references are all in the right place

  Mary Wong:Expired Registration Recovery Policy

  Terri Agnew:Lindsay Hamilton-Reid has joined on audio

  Kathy:@Mary - can we include this full term *and its reference section in the RAA* and link to it?  That way people can find it very easily if they are trying to research... tx!

  Mary Wong:@Kathy I think we have a direct link to the ERRP (including its full spelling) and to the RAA, Specs, etc. - in this case we probably put it later on in the document than here

  Kathy:could we put it here?  Easy to get lost in a 100+ page report...

  Mary Wong:As mentioned, we will check before publishing to make sure that each acronym and referenced document gets its link the first time it appears in the doc

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Chris Pelling

  Chris Pelling:Sorry for lateness, today has been one of those days

  Kathy:@Mary, as Steve suggested, in each section would be useful.

  Kathy:Hi Chris!

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:I think abuse is a relativly widely used term, it doesnt sound nice but its a common use

  Michele Neylon:"abuse" is a term we all use

  Michele Neylon:this is a polichy

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:I think we need a PDP on Internet Explorer support

  Michele Neylon:James - yes

  Michele Neylon:Google can fund it

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:=)

  Holly Raiche:@ Irish James - Maybe we can write the interim report now

  Michele Neylon:IE sucks

  Michele Neylon:end of report

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Definintly fits with being in the public interest

  Luc Seufer:fine by me

  Stephanie Perrin:lost sound there for a while?

  Michele Neylon:we spent 5 minutes talking about Canadians

  Michele Neylon:it was awesome

  Luc Seufer:and their weird love of privacy rights

  Terri Agnew:@Stephanie, let me know if a dial out is needed

  Michele Neylon:I was more concerned about their beers

  Kathy:+1 Holly

  Luc Seufer:the two are linked

  Kathy:that makes sense

  Stephanie Perrin:privacy, good beer, free speech....it's all good up here in the frozen north.

  Mary Wong:On Sec 1.3.2 - this question is in the Charter

  Terri Agnew:@Stephanie, we are unable to hear you

  Michele Neylon:Stephanie - that's between the customer and the provider

  Graeme Bunton:STephanie, back to mute

  Mary Wong:Please mute if you're not speaking

  Michele Neylon:somebody has a terrible line

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:adobe is freaking out on me

  Kathy:And that remedy for the Customer may be vis a vis the Requestor

  Carlton Samuels:@All: This is a general comment. I  read the Exec Summary and the general feeling I have is it does not go far enough to lay out the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders. I want to see remedies mentioned, especially for  those who make use of P/P services and their contractual and other rights are breached.

  Paul:We aren't a global legislator

  Stephanie Perrin:no I have said what I had to say..  Even if there is an agreement with the customer, they cannot sign away their rights in the event of a breach

  Michele Neylon:Carlton - a lot of registrars offer this service for free or very very cheap

  Mary Wong:@Carlton, the recommendations are exactly what the WG has agreed on. We cannot add anything substantive unless the WG agrees to additional recommendations.

  Luc Seufer:Carlton I think those will be defined by the WG working on implementation

  Michele Neylon:Carlton - if you make it too burdensome people will stop offering it entirely

  Stephanie Perrin:old hand

  Michele Neylon:and if you want heavier protection then maybe you need to move to a provider that offers that level of service

  Luc Seufer:I vote we get read of the German

  Michele Neylon:he's on parentl aleave

  Michele Neylon:parental even

  Luc Seufer:(refernce no Volker himself)

  Luc Seufer:rid

  Carlton Samuels:@All: Can we then say, specifically on implementation and with respect to remedies, that the Implementation Team is guided to outline what might be available?

  Vicky Sheckler:thanks Steve, for getting us through all of those comments

  Mary Wong:The 1.3.3 language has been in the draft Initial Report since December; and the text is substantially what the WG agreed to in June 2014, and presented to the community in London.

  Carlton Samuels:@Kathy:  This is MY concern with respect to the Exec Summary. Most persons will read *only* that of the report. I think it would be very useful for us to ensure that important matters are highlighted here.

  Michele Neylon:personally I'm more concerned about the announcement text

  Stephanie Perrin:I support  Carlton's remark about the executive summary.  Indeed the provision of accredited services is probably going to be more burdensome than what we have now ( in reference to Michele's comment) but the customer needs remedies and guarantees.

  Holly Raiche:@Maary - I think Kathy's point is  exactly that - it is an old statement and should reflect where we are up to

  Carlton Samuels:@Michele: Yessir, that too!

  Marika Konings:Regarding translation, as per the PDP Manual as well as the translation guidelines, only the executive summary of the Initial Report is translated. Note that free tools are available and linked from the GNSO site should interested parties want to translate other sections of the document.

  Kathy:The questions DO tie back - and the Executive Summary should be presenting the key open questions

  Michele Neylon:+1 Marika

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:@Marika at the request of the WG/Chairs can other sections be translated? Not asking for it now but wondering if its possible

  Vicky Sheckler:+`1 w/ todd

  val sherman:+1 Todd

  Todd Williams:Oh look, my email that I sent over an hour ago just popped up as I was talking.  Not sure why the delay.  Sorry for the redundancy.

  Marika Konings:@James - of course, any request can be considered, but as noted there are specific guidelines in place to deal with translation and have as such been applied to any PDP WG Initial Report as far as I am aware.

  Susan Kawaguchi:+1 to Steve

  Vicky Sheckler:agree w/ steve

  val sherman:Some of these questions are leading and should be presented as an additional comment at this point.

  Mary Wong:Note that 1.3.3 in substance has not changed since June 2014

  Mary Wong:This (1.3.3) is an issue that the WG agreed it cannot reach consensus on.

  Vicky Sheckler:diagree w/ kathy's ssuggestion to add that language

  Vicky Sheckler:Many do not agree w/ this view. I stronlgy disagree with kathy's suggestion

  Stephanie Perrin:Fully suppport Kahy's suggestion, we know this is an area of contention so it needsto be fully explained.

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:+1 to Kathys suggestion

  Kathy:it's the majority group...

  Michele Neylon:separate question and comment period?

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:The initial report should provide a view of all of the WG, minority groups aswell. It means that we do not have broad consensus on this

  Michele Neylon:huh?

  Michele Neylon:sorry but how would that work?

  Graeme Bunton:We have discussed that issue multiple times for many calls

  Mary Wong:@Michele, @James - an additional statement to be added as a new annex

  Stephanie Perrin:We may be a minority in this WG, but we are certainly not in the user community

  Kathy:@All: 1.3.3. really has to be fair and balanced - and accurate!

  Mary Wong:We normally request the translation at the same time as request to open the public comment

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Mary: So if translation takes 3 weeks anyone whos native language is not english has 3 weeks less to comment?

  Graeme Bunton:I tend to agree with Kathy that 1.3.3 doesn't reflect the state of discussion, but perhaps we can find some better language

  Marika Konings:@James - I believe the turn around time is much shorter than that, but we will confirm.

  Kathy:+1 Holly

  Chris Pelling:agree

  Stephanie Perrin:+1 Holly.  Maybe never happy, but at least feeling it is fair and balanced.

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Ok thanks Mrika, could we get a headstart by starting transltion on agreed text sections because cutting into a possible 40 day comment period for anyone who is not a native speaker is seriously testing =)

  Stephanie Perrin:We have also pushed to have the deadline moved back as well.

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:I have to run to another call guys. Thanks for a good meeting

  Michele Neylon:this is just an interim report

  Michele Neylon:so publish and let's move on

  val sherman:+1 Michele

  Carlton Samuels:Bye all. Duty calls

  Chris Pelling:thanks all :)

  val sherman:Bye and thanks all!

  Graeme Bunton:thanks all

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