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If automatically generated requests are the harm being targeted I'm not sure that requiring a human of particular status to sign off on the request will effectively address it.

The US courts have been dealing with hundreds of thousands of "robo-signed" foreclosure notices that were signed off on by someone at a law firm, albeit at the pace of hundreds per day.

So how do we reconcile the desire of rights holders to be able to transmit a request without excessive costs with concerns about the process being abused, especially via automated means or the adoption of low standards for generating requests?

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On 2015-03-30 7:42 PM, Susan Kawaguchi wrote:
> What I do not understand is the concept of automated notices for 
> requests to proxy vendors?

I think we're trying to prevent a similar scenario that happened with
invalid whois complaints a while back.

Some trademark-related service providers were sending automated
mass-complaints against large numbers of domain names to ICANN and
registrars. One per domain, but often hundreds if not thousands;
submitted by a script. This is a scenario I'd like to see avoided here.

Another nuance about these providers is that while they may have been
authorized by the trademark holder to obtain the domains, the companies
were neither law-firms nor were the emails send directly by people
working for the trademark holder.

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