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Thank you Mary for the documents.  However, I will be an apology for this meeting.

Clearly, I am happy with the document produced by Team 3 on Annex E.  There are still a couple of issues there - particularly Option 1.  But we have made good progress.

And may I congratulate the Co-chairs on their statement. It is a very even handed and neutral statement explaining where the group has arrived.  Well done.

Are we having a meeting next week, or is the next meeting the F2F in Dublin?

On 5 Oct 2015, at 9:32 am, Mary Wong <mary.wong at icann.org> wrote:

> Dear WG members,
> The proposed agenda for the next WG call, scheduled for Tuesday 6 October, is as follows:
> Roll call/updates to SOI
> Update on planning for Dublin face-to-face WG meeting
> Review and discussion of Sub Team 4 report (attached)
> [If time permits] Review and discussion of updated Illustrative Disclosure Framework from Sub Team 3 (attached)
> Next steps
> Please note that while the documents for agenda items #3 and #4 have been worked on by a number of members from each Sub Team, the versions being circulated have not yet been fully reviewed by all members of the respective Sub Teams. Other than the addition of page numbers to facilitate WG discussion, staff has made no changes to the two documents as received.
> Please also find attached proposed revised language for Section 1.3.3 of the WG report, which concerns the question of online financial transactions and was initially the subject of work by Sub Team 2. This revised version is an update from the document first circulated on behalf of the WG co-chairs on 18 September, and represents the co-chairs’ suggested update based on the WG discussion of 22 September.
> Thanks and cheers
> Mary
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> <Sub Team 4 Report - 4 Oct.doc><Revised Illustrative Disclosure Framework for IPR Holders - 4 Oct.docx><Co-Chairs Draft Language for Updating Section 1.3.3 - 30 Sept.docx>_______________________________________________
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