[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] [Gdd-gnso-ppsai-impl] Reminder: Please Submit Feedback on Draft PP Policy Outline

Amy Bivins amy.bivins at icann.org
Mon Dec 12 18:20:58 UTC 2016

Dear Neville,


Thanks so much for your feedback (I’m copying the full IRT list so that everyone can see it).


I hope you are able to make our call tomorrow, where we will be reviewing a slightly updated timeline (which takes into account the IRT’s bi-weekly meeting schedule and expected deliverables). In short, it appears likely that the first public comment period will be later in 2017 than originally projected, but we are projecting only a small shift in the anticipated program effective date (still in 1H 2019).


I look forward to speaking with you all tomorrow. 


As a final reminder to all, please submit your input on the draft Policy outline to the list today if at all possible.






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Dear Amy,


By way of introduction, I am a nominated representative from the INTA P&P Accreditation working group on the ICANN IRT. 


I believe that you are aware that although I requested to join the IRT mailing list before the project kick-off, I was not actually added to the mailing list until recently. 


Having now been back through the documents I missed, I wanted to ensure that you have to hand INTA’s views on the 14 October 2016 implementation plan/framework, in the hope that these will still be taken into account. 


My main comment is I know that you have received a number of comments from registrars which suggested that the timetable as originally proposed was too “punchy”. As far as INTA is concerned, we think the timetable as proposed was appropriate and realistic, and if anything could be even tighter. We do think that it is important that the schedule does not slip too much – we all know that a great deal of time and effort has been devoted to getting to this point and it is important not to lose momentum. We know that, as far as rights holders are concerned, the sooner the new P&P Accreditation Program can be implemented in line with the Final Recommendations, the better. 


Thank you in advance for your accommodation in taking on board INTA’s views!


Kind regards, 




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