[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Thank you for your initial feedback!

Amy Bivins amy.bivins at icann.org
Mon Oct 31 11:02:36 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,


Thank you to those who provided initial feedback on the v1 proposed
implementation framework. Please continue to discuss this proposal among
your colleagues at ICANN57, and provide any additional feedback during our
working meeting toward the end of the week (the working meeting is on


Particularly consider whether you think this overall approach (the
contract-based model) fulfils the intent of the PDP recommendations. If the
IRT agrees with staff that this is the approach the PDP WG intended, we will
move ahead with this approach starting at our next meeting, which will be
scheduled for the week of 28 November.


You should have received an invitation to the working meeting and the
overview session. If you won't be in Hyderabad, there will be remote
participation available. This will be especially important for the working
meeting-we hope to have a successful, substantive discussion on the proposal
and proposed timeline there.


Also, this is my final ask-if anyone would be willing to provide some
comments on the staff framework proposal during the overview session on
Friday, at 11am local time, please let me know. The more community
perspective/feedback we have, the better. 


Safe travels to those who are attending ICANN57, and I look forward to
meeting with you there!


Amy E. Bivins

Registrar Policy Services Manager

Registrar Services and Industry Relations

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Direct: +1 (202) 249-7551

Fax:  +1 (202) 789-0104

Email: amy.bivins at icann.org



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