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Dear Lisa and All,

After reviewing the Expired Domain Deletion Policy

There are mainly 3 Possible Requirements matching sections Where Registrar chooses, under extenuating circumstances, to renew
a domain name without the explicit consent of the registrant, the registrar
must maintain a record of the extenuating circumstances associated with
renewing that specific domain name for inspection by ICANN consistent with
clauses 3.4.2 and 3.4.3 of this registrar accreditation agreement.

*Possible Requirement:* The Registrar must get consent from the domain
owner to renew the domain. In case the registrar chooses to renew the
domain without consent of the domain owner then the domain owner may not be
held liable for the costs unless there is a mutual agreement between the
Domain owner and the Registrant on specific terms. (Despite the fact that
the registrant has reason for extenuating circumstances) In the absence of extenuating circumstances (as defined in Section above), a domain name must be deleted within 45 days of either the
registrar or the registrant terminating a registration agreement.

*Possible Requirement:* None Registrar shall provide notice to each new registrant describing
the details of their deletion and auto-renewal policy including the
expected time at which a non-renewed domain name would be deleted relative
to the domains expiration date, or a date range not to exceed ten (10) days
in length. If a registrar makes any material changes to its deletion policy
during the period of the registration agreement, it must make at least the
same effort to inform the registrant of the changes as it would to inform
the registrant of other material changes to the registration agreement (as
defined in clause 3.7.7 of the registrars accreditation agreement)." If Registrar operates a website for domain name registration or
renewal, details of Registrar's deletion and auto-renewal policies must be
clearly displayed on the website. If Registrar operates a website for domain registration or renewal,
it should state, both at the time of registration and in a clear place on
its website, any fee charged for the recovery of a domain name during the
Redemption Grace Period.

*Possible Requirement: *Domain owners should be granted an option to alert
the registrar of intentions not to renew a domain so as to let it expire
and be left in the loop. (This is for those who would like to have temporal
domains) In the event that a domain which is the subject of a UDRP dispute
is deleted or expires during the course of the dispute, the complainant in
the UDRP dispute will have the option to renew or restore the name under
the same commercial terms as the registrant. If the complainant renews or
restores the name, the name will be placed in Registrar HOLD and Registrar
LOCK status, the WHOIS contact information for the registrant will be
removed, and the WHOIS entry will indicate that the name is subject to
dispute. If the complaint is terminated, or the UDRP dispute finds against
the complainant, the name will be deleted within 45 days. The registrant
retains the right under the existing redemption grace period provisions to
recover the name at any time during the Redemption Grace Period, and
retains the right to renew the name before it is deleted.

*Possible Requirement:* WHOis content of a domain which has been considered
expired or Deleted (after the agreed expiry time even after the grace
period) should be hidden by the registrar to protect the identity of former
owners who do not need to associate with a domain that has expired or

This should be done with consent of the Domain owner.

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