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Please see possible requirements from the Whois Review Team 2012 recommendations

Charter Question –    Users/Purposes: Why are gTLD registration data collected?
                                    Who Collects the Data?
WHOIS Policy
1.    Recommendations 2 -4: Single WHOIS Policy
The ICANN Board should oversee the creation of a single [gTLD registration data] policy document, and reference it in subsequent versions of agreements with Contracted Parties. In doing so, ICANN should clearly document:

·      the current [and recommended next-gen?] gTLD WHOIS policy as set out in the gTLD Registry and Registrar contracts and GNSO Consensus Policies and Procedure.
Charter Question – Coexistence?

  *   Ongoing development of [gTLD RDS] policy within ICANN's existing machinery, and the impact of other policy development on WHOIS;
Charter question - What steps should be taken to improve data accuracy?
Fulfillment of data accuracy objectives over time (recommendation 6);

1.    The [WHOIS RT] team notes that the focus of its recommendations is on the desired outcome that ICANN work to improve the accuracy of [gTLD registration] data. [Data] validation or verification would be one possible means to achieve this objective, whereas our intention is to allow latitude in how the objective is achieved.

2.    ICANN should take appropriate measures to reduce the number of WHOIS registrations that fall into the accuracy groups Substantial Failure and Full Failure (as defined by the NORC Data Accuracy Study, 2009/10) by 50% within 12 months and by 50% again over the following 12 months.
 Charter Question: Compliance (recommendations 7, 9)

* ICANN shall produce and publish an accuracy report focused on
measured reduction in gTLD registration data that fall into the
accuracy groups Substantial Failure and Full Failure, on an annual basis.

* ICANN should develop metrics to track the impact of the annual
WHOIS Data Reminder policy noticies to registrants, or alternatively, an effective policy that achieves the objective of improving data quality in a measurable way.

Charter Questions – What Safeguards are provided to protect the data?
Privacy and Proxy (Recommendation 10)
The current use of privacy and proxy services raises questions about whether ICANN is meeting its AoC commitments relating to ‘timely, unrestricted and public access’ to WHOIS data. To provide enhanced usability for consumers, including the display of full registrant data for all gTLD domain names from one source:
Registrars should disclose their relationship with any proxy/privacy service provider; and maintain dedicated abuse points of contact for each provider;

DA and or DE
Charter question – What data should collected stored and disclosed?
                                    What steps should be taken to improve data accuracy?
Internationalization of data (Recommendations 12-16)

  *   gTLD RDS should support Internationalization of WHOIS Data, and the consistent handling of non-ASCII text in both the records and the display of the domain name itself;

Susan Kawaguchi
Domain Name Manager
Facebook Legal Dept.

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