[gnso-rds-pdp-wg] [renamed] Key early questions

Denny Watson watson at spamhaus.org
Wed May 11 20:37:30 UTC 2016

Stephanie Perrin wrote:
> +1.  Accepting the fact that figuring out the logical order of doing
> this is a hard problem, I think it is important that Andrew keep
> reminding us that our conceptualization of what we need is biasing our
> thought processes (ie "this thing ought to look like WHOIS did", which
> it absolutely does not).
> On the separate issue of the utility of the "wealth of data": Sure there
> are lots of useful things you can do with other people's personal
> information, but that does not make it right.  

Your assumption that data regarding a natural person's personal
information being accessible in the new system is equally flawed for the
very reasons that you stated in that paragraph above.

>                                          [...] and determining what is
> in the public interest, and who is entitled or who we trust to make that
> determination as they access other people's information, is a matter
> that we will doubtless spend quite a lot of time on in the next phase of
> this exercise.

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