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As I understand what Michael has written this more than likely 
designates ICANN as a data controller and exposes it to much more policy 
conflict (and regulation) with entities like the European Community and 
various national governments. If the national/regional policies 
prohibit, or insist on, certain data collection, storage and display 
practices, ICANN can dialogue with those entities to try to reach 
mutually satisfactory policies and practices, but when there is still a 
division of opinion, ICANN has no clout and no teeth, and registries and 
registrars caught in the middle will have no choice but to obey national 
or regional policies.

Sam L.

/On 5/12/2016 12:04 PM, Michael D. Palage wrote://
> /Klaus, Unfortunately, if a Registry wants to collect addition data and 
> display it. It needs ICANN permission since Specification 4 states 
> what can be displayed and in what format. So when .NYC, .CAPETOWN, 
> .JOBURG and .DURBAN wanted to add their additional fields for business 
> purposes. They first needed to submit an RSEP and then get permission 
> from ICANN to modify their Registry Agreement. The way the Registry 
> Agreement has been written and how ICANN has interpreted "registry 
> services" it gives ICANN incredible latitude to act as a regulator 
> instead of a mere technical coordinating body. Best regards, Michael /

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