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Sam Lanfranco sam at lanfranco.net
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ICANN within ICANN can do virtually nothing here. The data mining of 
everything but blood type and DNA is endemic to the app world. Most 
people do not read the details of the permissions and do not exercise 
caution while they are online. Tracking the geo-location of users is 
also endemic, but resides on the national policy remit outside ICANN's 
own remit. As far back as 2011 in Taher Square one could publicly 
download an Apple app that identified in real time the location of 
Tweeters as they stood in the Square and Tweeted on their cell phones. 
Good thing there were not micro drones.

At most ICANN can look over its fence and advise both end users and 
governments about their policies. Good privacy and security policy in 
this area will require vastly larger cohorts from ICANN's constituency 
groups directing additional energy at Internet ecosystem policy making 
outside of ICANN.

Maybe we need A tee shirt here. The front saying ICANN DOES ONLY WHAT 

Sam L

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> /Excellent, Carlton! I don't know whether we'll be able to do anything 
> useful with Whois, now. Please convince me otherwise!! /
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> /Nathalie /
> On Sunday, May 22, 2016 12:50 PM, Carlton Samuels 
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> ..in the meanwhile, here's what's happening in the real world.....
> http://news.mit.edu/2016/twitter-location-data-homes-workplaces-0517
> https://audiofingerprint.openwpm.com/
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