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Michelle DeSmyter michelle.desmyter at icann.org
Tue May 24 21:09:25 UTC 2016

Dear All,

Please find the attendance of the call attached to this email and the MP3 recording below for the Next-Gen RDS PDP Working group call held on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 at 16:00 UTC.

 Mp3: http://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-nextgen-rds-24may16-en.mp3


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Thank you.

Kind regards,

Michelle DeSmyter


Adobe Connect chat transcript for Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Michelle DeSmyter:Dear all, welcome to the Next-Gen RDS PDP WG Meeting on 24 May 2016 16:00 UTC
  Carlton Samuels:Howdy all
  Michele Neylon:hi Carlton
  Chuck Gomes:Hello everyone.
  Maryan Rizinski:Hello everyone
  Ayden Férdeline:Hello to all
  Carlton Samuels:Michele, how keeing?
  Carlton Samuels:*keeping
  Grace Mutung'u:hi everyone!
  Nick Shorey:hello everyone
  Nathalie Coupet:Hello
  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Hello
  Greg Aaron:My initial login attempt to Adobe was declined by the moderator it said
  Richard Padilla:Hello all
  Sana Ali:hello all
  Sam Lanfranco:Present with intermittent connectivity
  Klaus Stoll:Sorry I am late. Very interesting Senate Hearing Steve delBianco should get an ICANN award!
  Carlton Samuels:@Klaus: +1. I listened to a bit. Saw 2 interventions from Steve, both a fulsome double-barrelled defence of MSM!
  Klaus Stoll:Where can I find the shedule for Helsinki?
  Marika Konings:https://community.icann.org/display/ccmeetschedplan/Meeting+Schedule+Planning
  Chuck Gomes:I believe that WG members will be given 48 hours to comment on Helsinki agendas after which it will be considered ready to post.
  Klaus Stoll:Thanks!
  Marika Konings:this is the latest draft, but please note that this is still work in progress as not all meeting requests have been submitted yet
  Marika Konings:the deadline for meeting requests is tomorrow (all meeting requests are channeled through the SO/ACs for this meeting)
  Stephanie Perrin:My apologies for being late, signal problems.
  Fabricio Vayra:Ditto to Stephanie
  Lisa Phifer:yes
  Richard Padilla:yes
  Chuck Gomes:My computer is about to reboot for an upgrade.  I will exit Adobe and reconnect.  I am telephone audo..
  Carlton Samuels:Adobe been acting up for me since morning - this is my 3rd ICANN telecon today - intermittent blackouts I thought were local and affecting me only
  Marika Konings:@Chuck - the deadline for the submission of meeting requests is tomorrow so we may need to limit to 24 hours (noting that changes can be made after posting, should there be a need)
  Stephanie Perrin:I am having intermittent blackouts too, Carlton, v unusual.  Greg, for instance., I am hearing 5 words, then nothing for half a minute.
  Carlton Samuels:@Staff: Might the doc now on sceeen be made independently scrollable?
  Lisa Phifer:Please note that the initial list started with the EWG report but the list is not at intended to be limited to that source. The goal is to draw from broad diverse sources - including key inputs identified by subteams and Issue report
  Stephanie Perrin:Now the chat is not scrolling, what I typed is not showing upp.  Is it just me?  Should I retry?
  Lisa Phifer:Sync is off, scroll yourself
  Carlton Samuels:@Lisa: Thanks.
  Stephanie Perrin:Ok I guess it is just you and me Carlton, I am going to drop off the call and try again.
  kannan Ganapathy:hi everyone
  Chuck Gomes:I am back in Adobe.
  Carlton Samuels:I would like to suggest that before we go into user requirements, we put a simple declarative question to this WG for which we must have full consensus as Phase 1 pre-requisite: “Should the domain name ecosystem capture, collect and curate personal data elements for a valid domain name registration transaction and should ICANN compel the capture, collection and the curation of certain specific personal data elements of the domain name registration transaction”. This baseline cement the cause for action for everything else out of this WG.
  Farell FOLLY:Hello all. I à.
  Lisa Phifer:Would it be useful to create a sign-up list of all of the documents identified and call for volunteers to take documents that are familiar to them?
  Ayden Férdeline:I would support that proposal @Carlton
  Lisa Phifer:Note that WG members are not limited to just those sources of course but that might help to organize the effort
  Jim Galvin (Afilias):@carlton +1
  Chuck Gomes:@ Carlton:  What you are suggesting is a possible requirement.
  Farell FOLLY:Hello all, I am finally in. My apologies
  Lisa Phifer:@Carlton, are you suggesting that we begin debating on that possible requirement before gathering others?
  Lisa Phifer:Work plan calls for community input on initial possible requirements list, but WG must first put a draft list forward to community input
  Stephanie Perrin:I am afraid i am getting so many blackouts (even Michele's silver tones missing) I will have to check the transcript to find out what is going on in this meeting.
  Carlton Samuels:@Lisa: Yes. Not expecting much of a debate though. Is a simple declarative statement we can all agree - or not - which sets the cause for action in concrete.
  Stephanie Perrin:Unfortunately, there will be a bias towards the EWG report, because staff did a pile of work going through the EWG report, and it will be up to volunteers to go through the other reports.
  Lisa Phifer:@Stephanie, actually it didn't take much effort even for the EWG report. So long as you're familiar with the input document of course.
  Marika Konings:@Stephanie - it is actually Chuck who did the heavy lifting on the EWG report, not staff :-)
  Stephanie Perrin:Most reports are not summarized into recommendations, as the EWG  report was
  Lisa Phifer:@Stephanie, I think the WHOIS RT report is organized similarly, as is SAC055
  Lisa Phifer:Perhaps we can start with the most significant key inputs already identified and then work from there to augment as needed
  Carlton Samuels:@Stephanie: It is precisely to mitigate any possible bias why I'm suggesting the declaration as a pre-requisite. The debate then swith to what personal identifiers of all the ones the business transaction collects and which specific ones might ICANN require for its contracts. Then later on we take on the issue of what to do with them; publish freely, publish with restrictions, publish not at all!
  Nathalie Coupet:I volunteer but not before next Monday
  Vlad Dinculescu:I volunteer too and share the same sentiment as Natalie
  Vlad Dinculescu:Lisa mentioned earlier that maybe we could list the documents and call for volunteers. Maybe that could work?
  Chuck Gomes:Extending the deadline a little is fine if we have commitments to get the work done.
  Nathalie Coupet:Yes
  Nathalie Coupet:Friday is fine
  Vlad Dinculescu:By Friday next week I can probably get through about 3 to 4 thick documents, like WHOIS RT
  Stephanie Perrin:Lisa my problem, as someone trying to advance privacy interests, is that it has not been explicitly, thoroughly, and legally examined in past reports.  Therefore I am stuck going through literally hundreds of pages of data protection authorities opinions (not the letters) to make the points that I feel need to be made.
  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Friday s ok
  Stephanie Perrin:David, I am making my points in the chat because audio is still blacking out all the time.
  Vlad Dinculescu:+1 Lisa
  Stephanie Perrin:There is also a huge time lag between typing and text appearing in the chat.....
  Nathalie Coupet:+1
  Michele Neylon:+1
  Marika Konings:@Stephanie - as also discussed yesterday, a possible requirement doesn't necessarily need to come from a document, it could also be suggested by a WG member based on his/her expertise and knowledge.
  Marika Konings:yesterday = last week
  Chuck Gomes:Let's prepare a sign up sheet that has all of the documents listed and ask for a volunteer for each document.
  Rudi Vansnick:+1
  Chuck Gomes:Can the signup sheet be sent out today?
  Chuck Gomes:Give 48 hours for signups?
  Stephanie Perrin:Thanks Marika, I have been joking about citing myself privately....but the problem is a real one, in order to persuade this group that I am not a lone nutter (quiet Fab and Michele) I think I need to cite authoritative sources.
  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Am logging out of adobe connect as I am heading to the airport. Will be on the phone bridge
  Chuck Gomes:Authoritative sources will become more critical in our deliberation.
  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Bye
  Marika Konings:@Stephanie - you could consider identifying your individual requirements first and then work on linking these to relevant resources? That would at least allow it to get on the rough material list and triage.
  Marika Konings:as Chuck said ;-)
  Stephanie Perrin:Thanks Marika, that is a good way forward, then I can get  some material added to the list within the time limits...
  Chuck Gomes:Sounds good Stephanie.
  Susan Kawaguchi:Sorry I am late
  Lisa Phifer:We'll get a sing-up page on the wiki today. Please sign up for one document at a time to allow for as much parallel progress as possible.
  Rudi Vansnick:thanks bye
  Carlton Samuels:Thanks all. Bye for now
  Vlad Dinculescu:thanks all
  Susan Kawaguchi:Oh well just a few minutes.
  Sam Lanfranco:bye
  David Tait:thanks

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