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Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Thu May 26 20:39:31 UTC 2016

Lots of opportunities.  If everyone would volunteer for one document, we would more than cover the entire list and no one would have to spend too much time.

Many thanks to those who already volunteered.


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Dear all,

Attached please find an updated sign-up sheet reflecting all volunteers thus far.

For a list of documents that still need volunteers, visit https://community.icann.org/x/shOOAw or see the attached sign-up sheet.

To volunteer, just sign up for any one document at a time by emailing this list. (Note: IT still working on a fix to allow you to edit the sign-up sheet directly.)

Everyone willing to help out is encouraged to volunteer for one document, even if you cannot complete that document by 31 May. During our next WG call, we'll assess progress and next steps to extract possible requirements from key input documents.

Best, Lisa

At 12:46 PM 5/24/2016, Lisa Phifer wrote:

Per RDS PDP WG Call 24 May, 2016<https://community.icann.org/x/KA6OAw>, Action item #3: Staff to create a sign-up list to facilitate volunteers coming forward to review documents and identify possible requirements. WG members to sign up to review documents for possible requirements within 48 hours of circulation of sign-up sheet (see attached document, also posted on the WG's wiki at https://community.icann.org/x/shOOAw).

Instructions: The wiki sign-up sheet<https://community.icann.org/x/shOOAw> is to be used by RDS PDP WG members to volunteer to extract possible requirements for gTLD registration data or directory services (see https://community.icann.org/x/8waOAw). To volunteer, visit the wiki sign-up sheet at https://community.icann.org/x/shOOAw. Sign up for a key input document that is familiar to you by picking an unassigned document from the sign-up sheet and entering your name in the "Volunteer" column. You may volunteer to review multiple documents, but please sign up for only one document at a time to give all a chance to contribute in parallel. If you are unable to access the wiki sign-up sheet, you may reply to this email asking staff to sign you up for a document.

How to submit possible requirements: Send all possible requirements via email to gnso-rds-pdp-wg at icann.org<mailto:gnso-rds-pdp-wg at icann.org>. For each possible requirement:
*        Identify the associated charter question(s);
*        Succinctly quote or paraphrase a possible requirement, focusing on phase 1 policy requirements;
*        Cite the source document by title and hyperlink. Possible requirements may also be submitted from new sources not already listed below.

For example, Greg just submitted this possible User/Purpose requirement quoted from SAC055: "There is a critical need for a policy asserting the purpose of collecting and maintaining registration data. This policy should address the operational concerns of the parties who collect, maintain or use this data as it relates to ICANN's remit." Additional examples can be found in draft 1 of the possible requirements list, posted at https://community.icann.org/x/8waOAw.

Due date: WG members are encouraged to make progress on this task before the next WG call (31 May 2016), at which time the WG will assess progress and determine a reasonable extension to that initial due date.

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