[gnso-rpm-wg] Mark Your Calendars: First organizational call for RPM WG set for April 21

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Thanks Susan.  


Phil is obviously very knowledgeable about these issues, but he is already
serving in the role of GNSO Council liaison to this WG.  Since part of his
job as liaison is to help the WG identify the WG's leadership, what is the
process when the liaison is also nominated to chair?


Mary, can you please let us know what staff thinks?  Does Phil need to
relinquish the liaison role, or is it OK for him to continue on in a duel
role of liaison and candidate?








Paul McGrady

policy at paulmcgrady.com


GNSO Councilor for the IPC


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I would like to nominate Phil Corwin as Chair of this PDP WG.   I have known
Phil for several years and worked closely with him in the Business
Constituency since we are both GNSO councilors.  He works hard, is very
engaged and committed to all the work at ICANN. He has chaired the IGO/NGO
working group and spent many hours working on multiple working groups.  


Phil's experience with RPM's would make him an excellent chair for this
working group.  


I am hoping you will all consider him for Chair. 

Susan Kawaguchi

Domain Name Manager 

Facebook Legal Dept. 



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for RPM WG set for April 21


Dear Working Group members,


Following up on Phil's (our interim Chair and GNSO Council liaison) note
below, we'd like to continue to welcome all participants to our Working
Group, especially those that may have signed up most recently. 


As Phil has mentioned, there are several preparatory matters that we request
you attend to, prior to our first meeting on 21 April:


1. Review the Background Materials to familiarize yourself with the context
for our work: https://community.icann.org/x/4SWAAw
pA8dQ&e=> . 

*	These are the documents on which our Working Group Charter - which
is essentially the authoritative document that sets out the full scope of
this Policy Development Process - is based. As such, we recommend that you
also review the Charter, which can be found
UtZSc&e=> . 

2. Consider the recommendation to have two or more co- or vice-chairs, and
consider also nominating someone for a chair/co-chair/vice-chair position. 

*	Phil has already noted the reasons for either having a chair,
assisted by one or more vice-chairs, or having several co-chairs for this
Working Group. Where nominations are concerned, you may find it helpful to
consider nominating a person(s) who you believe has the experience and
skills to manage a large Working Group that will be working on complex (and
possibly contentious) issues in ICANN's multi-stakeholder bottom-up policy
environment. To add to Phil's notes, including the importance of a neutral
Chair, the GNSO's Working Group Guidelines provide that the purpose of a
Chair is to manage the entire Working Group process (e.g. call meetings,
preside over deliberations, and ultimately designate the appropriate
consensus levels attained by all of the Groups final recommendations). A
Chair is also expected to continually assess whether the Working Group has
sufficiently broad representation and enforce ICANN's Expected Standards of

If you would like to nominate (including self-nominate) a Working Group
member for a chair, co-chair or vice-chair position, please do so via email
to this mailing list prior to the 21 April meeting. This will allow the
Working Group to discuss and hopefully select its leadership at or shortly
following that meeting, which would in turn facilitate the work of the


Thanks and cheers



Mary Wong

Senior Policy Director

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Email: mary.wong at icann.org

Telephone: +1-603-5744889




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Subject: [gnso-rpm-wg] Mark Your Calendars: First organizational call for
RPM WG set for April 21


Dear Members of the RPM Review WG:


As Interim Chair, I am pleased to announce that our initial WG
organizational call has been scheduled for 1500-1600 UTC on Thursday, April
21st. You will be receiving a calendar invitation as the date draws closer,
along with Adobe Chat and dial-in information.


Please note that this date and time is not indicative of the scheduling of
future WG calls. So far, 113 individuals have signed up to be Members of
this WG, and their domiciles are broadly distributed around the globe.
Therefore, it is likely that the WG will adopt a staggered, rotating meeting
schedule to more evenly distribute the inconvenience of calls scheduled
outside of normal working hours.


In preparation for the initial call, I invite you to review background
materials that are being posted to the WG's wiki space, which can be found
at https://community.icann.org/x/4SWAAw
pA8dQ&e=> .


A proposed agenda for the meeting will be posted in closer proximity to
April 21.


Given the size of the WG, the complexity of the issues it will address, and
the divergent views and interests raised by some of those issues, it is
possible that the administrative task of managing its workflow will be
performed by a Chair and several Vice-Chairs, or by several coequal
Co-chairs. In this regard -- and while I hope to have your support to serve
in one of those leadership  positions going forward -- other WG members
should start to consider whether they also wish to serve in a management
leader role. Chairs (of whatever title) should expect to be involved in
discussions of WG issue management among themselves and with Policy support
staff that are in addition to the regularly scheduled WG calls, so there is
an extra time commitment involved. While Chairs may step out of their
official roles and advocate specific positions, their management of the WG's
effort must be neutral and even-handed.


Finally, and again given the large number of volunteers who are willing to
contribute to this effort, I request that all WG members refrain from
posting substantive comments and materials to the email list at this time
and confine their postings between now and April 21 to questions and
comments regarding our initial organizational efforts.


Thank you and best regards,

Philip S. Corwin

Interim Chair



Philip S. Corwin, Founding Principal

Virtualaw LLC

1155 F Street, NW

Suite 1050

Washington, DC 20004





Twitter: @VlawDC


"Luck is the residue of design" -- Branch Rickey


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