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Greg Shatan

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Rudi Vansnick (NPOC) <rudi.vansnick at npoc.org>

> +1 for the three “leaders of the band”
> Rudi Vansnick
> Chair Non-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC)
> Op 19 apr. 2016, om 21:01 heeft Paul McGrady <policy at paulmcgrady.com
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> geschreven:
> Thank you Phil, Kathy and J. Scott.
> I fully support this arrangement, knowing that this WG will be led by
> three dedicated, hardworking, expert, and fair-minded members of our
> community.
> Kind regards,
> Paul
> Paul McGrady
> policy at paulmcgrady.com
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> Dear Members of the Rights Protection Measures Review Working Group:
> As the three candidates for WG leadership positions who have received
> substantial support from WG members, we wish to collectively thank all of
> you for committing to the very challenging and lengthy journey that lies
> before us, and for voicing support for us as potential WG Chairs.
> Each of us believes that our task is extremely important, and that
> whatever consensus recommendations this WG makes for post-review
> alterations in the new gTLD RPMs, and subsequently the UDRP, will if
> adopted likely be the “rules of the road” for ICANN trademark protection
> measures for many years to come. We have the collective opportunity to
> establish improved arbitration procedures and other safeguards that are
> more predictable and consistent for all parties, and that minimize the
> burden on trademark holders while recognizing the importance of domains as
> platforms for speech and commerce and as valuable intangible assets.
> We also believe that the odds of success will be substantially improved if
> this WG operates from its inception in a collegial and cooperative manner
> that, while maximally efficient, is committed to a balanced and fair
> hearing for all viewpoints, and is based upon empirical data and sound
> legal and policy analysis.
> *It was in that spirit of mutual respect that we three engaged in a joint
> conference call on Friday, April 15th to discuss how to best facilitate a
> constructive path forward.*
> *As a result of that discussion, we wish to propose for your consideration
> the adoption of a leadership structure in which each of us serves as a
> co-equal Co-Chair. We collectively urge you to support that approach to
> leadership structure when we hold our first WG meeting on April 21st. *
> We believe that in most instances we shall be able to reach consensus
> agreement regarding recommendations to you on the management of our work.
> In those (hopefully rare) instances where we fail to reach such agreement,
> we shall inform the membership of our different viewpoints and proceed in
> whatever manner garners consensus support.
> We are also in general agreement that portions of the task before us can
> best be facilitated by the creation of focused subgroups that will provide
> additional leadership opportunities for other members of this WG, with each
> of the Co-Chairs acting as an Ex Officio member of all subgroups in order
> to monitor their efforts and assist in coordination with our overall work
> plan.
> If selected as co-equal Co-Chairs, we shall immediately set to develop an
> initial work plan for your consideration so that we can begin engaging in
> substantive RPM review by the early part of May.
> It is our collective goal to develop final reports and recommendations
> that are consistent with the responsibilities established by this WG’s
> Charter – and that every member of this WG can be proud of having a role in
> shaping.
> Again, we thank you for your support and look forward to joining with you
> on our initial WG call this coming Thursday.
> With best regards,
> Philip Corwin
> J. Scott Evans
> Kathy Kleiman
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