[gnso-rpm-wg] Action items from the first Working Group meeting on 21 April 2016

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Hello Kristine and everyone, thanks for the question.

It’s common for Working Group chairs to meet regularly outside the WG calls – these include regular administrative calls with staff supporting the WG, to review, coordinate and plan meetings, and I believe some leadership teams also do their own calls in addition, on a periodic or “as needed” basis. None of these calls are recorded or transcribed.

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Thanks, Mary,

I have a follow-up question.

Phil mentioned a couple of times that the co-chairs, if confirmed, plan to meet outside of the WG meetings to keep things moving along.  Will the co-chair meetings/calls be recorded and/or transcribed for transparency?  If so, where will the recordings be posted?

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Subject: [gnso-rpm-wg] Action items from the first Working Group meeting on 21 April 2016

Dear Working Group participants,

Thank you to the members who were able to join the call today; for everyone’s information (including members who could not join as well as our mailing list observers), here are the action items from the call:

Selection of Working Group Chair(s):

  *   Members who were on the call agreed that the proposal to have three co-chairs for this WG – Kathy Kleiman, Philip Corwin and J. Scott Evans – should be reported to the mailing list to allow for any objections to be submitted within 7 days of posting. Please look for an email from staff shortly with this information.
  *   If no objections are received, or if any are received but are resolved, the names of the three proposed co-chairs will be forwarded to the GNSO Council as this WG’s Chartering Organization for its confirmation and approval. This is anticipated to take place at the Council’s next meeting on 12 May.
  *   In the interim, Kathy, Phil and J Scott will assume co-chairing functions immediately.
Scheduling of future WG meetings:

  *   Staff will create and send to the mailing list a Doodle poll that all members will be invited to fill in with their preferred time slots for future meetings. It is likely that some form of rotation will be the norm, to allow as many members to participate in calls as possible.
  *   The chairs will review the results of the poll and the likely geographical spread of members, to try to pick proposed times (allowing for rotation) to be confirmed by the next WG meeting. Please look for an email shortly from staff with a link to the poll.
Next WG meeting:

  *   Co-chairs to work with staff to finalize a day and time for the second WG meeting (at the moment, it will likely take place on Wednesday 27 April, possibly following the ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Call which is currently scheduled for 1500 UTC).
  *   Co-chairs to propose future meeting times starting from the third WG meeting
  *   Co-chairs to work with staff to prepare a draft Work Plan for WG review and discussion
Additional Notes:

  *   For members - please remember to create or update your Statement of Interest if you have not yet done so. This is a mandatory requirement for participation in a GNSO Working Group, and members who fail to complete a SOI after the WG has started its meetings will have their status changed to that of Observers.
  *   All WG calls are recorded and transcribed, and these are all posted (along with meeting agendas and other relevant documents) to the WG wiki space when available; the wiki lists all WG meetings by date: https://community.icann.org/x/5iWAAw.
  *   The staff presentation today has already been posted as part of the Background Documents page: https://community.icann.org/x/4SWAAw. Staff will continue to update this page as new and relevant background materials are identified by the WG for review.
Thank you.


Mary Wong
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