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Thank you Matthieu for the question and Luc for the clarification. Within oriGIn, at least one group registered successfully a GI as such in the TMCH (I can provide specific information if need be). I agree it is interesting to ask Deloitte/CHIP the exact number of requests based on GIs, so that the WG has the full picture (we can also verify whether all requests based on a GI were treated consistently). Best, Massimo  

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Bonjour Matthieu,

The TMCH guidelines states so.

2.4.1. General For marks protected by statute or treaty, the relevant statute or treaty must be in effect at the time the mark is submitted to the Clearinghouse for inclusion. These marks may include but are not limited to: geographical indications and designations of origin.


I know our sales approached owners of those rights to record them in the tMCH, but I am not sure they were successful.

In any case Deloitte/CHIP will have the answer.

Best Wishes,


On 2 Dec 2016, at 19:35, Mathieu Weill <Mathieu.Weill at afnic.fr<mailto:Mathieu.Weill at afnic.fr>> wrote:

Dear all,

I have been observing the group from afar and joined as a Member only recently, so apologies in advance if this has been discussed before.

My suggestion is based on a discussion that took place today during a panel at the INTA Brussels meeting regarding geographic indications and the TMCH. It was mentioned that the TMCH apparently did accept GI registrations, and I think it would be helpful to confirm and gather data if that is the case.

So, within the Guidance section, I wonder whether we could add a question (maybe next to 4.) such as :
How are Geographic Indications and/or Appellations/Designations of Origin handled by the TMCH provider ? How many such registrations were submitted / approved ?

Best regards,
Mathieu Weill

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Objet : [gnso-rpm-wg] PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK: Latest TMCH Charter questions and updated Work Plan

Dear all,

As agreed on the Working Group call that just ended, staff is recirculating the latest draft of the TMCH Charter Questions, which indicates which questions have been refined and clarified by the TMCH Charter Questions Sub Team. We are also attaching the slides that were used for our Working Group session at ICANN57, where you can see at a glance the refined Charter questions that had been agreed on by the Sub Team as of end-October. As mentioned on the call, these are all the suggested questions under the Guidance and Verification categories, plus the first question in the Balance category. Since Hyderabad, the Sub Team has made progress on additional questions in the Balance category, which you will see highlighted in green on the Tabulated Categories document. Please provide your comments and feedback, if any, on all these Charter questions that have been refined and agreed by the Sub Team, who will hopefully be in a position to present the remaining Charter questions at the Working Group call next week.

We are also attaching the updated Work Plan that was displayed during the call. As with the Sub Team-agreed TMCH Charter questions, please provide your comments and feedback, if any, on the Work Plan as soon as possible.

For the information of Working Group members who were not on the call, we hope to receive input shortly from Registries and Registrars on a set of specific questions that had been developed by the TMCH Data Gathering Sub Team – however, we have been informed that, given the workload and amount of requests that these two Stakeholder Groups have been receiving, the input may not be as timely or as comprehensive as we may have hoped. The TMCH Data Gathering Sub Team also developed a set of questions to be sent to the TMCH Providers – following some clarifications based on feedback received from ICANN GDD (who have been working with the TMCH Providers), those questions should be sent to the Providers by the end of this week.

Thanks and cheers

Mary Wong
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Subject: Proposed agenda and documents for Working Group call this Wednesday

Dear Working Group Members,

The proposed agenda for our next Working Group meeting this Wednesday is as follows (please note that this is subject to changes that may be made by the WG co-chairs):

1.      Roll call (via Adobe Connect and phone bridge only) and updates to Statements of Interest
2.      Continue review of suggested questions for the review of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) from the TMCH Charter Questions Sub Team (latest version attached)
3.      Review updated Work Plan (attached)
4.      Any other business
5.      Next steps / next meeting

For #2, you may recall that several clarified/refined questions (as agreed by the Sub Team up to that point in time) were presented to the community at ICANN57, although there was not a lot of time for a full discussion. These questions are those in the Guidance and Verification & Data categories, and the first question from the Balance category.

For #3, please note that the co-chairs have not yet had a chance to comment on the attached document.

Thanks and cheers

Mary Wong
Senior Policy Director
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