[gnso-rpm-wg] FOR REVIEW & DISCUSSION: Provider and Survey Responses on TM-PDDRP

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Please allow me to apologize to you, George and the other members of the NCUC that may have taken offense. I was not making my comments as "quasi-ad hominem attacks." First, there is nothing quasi or subtle about me. If I wanted to attack someone, I am fully capable of a full on verbal assault. I did not mean to "attack" anyone. I am, however, often unvarnished in my comments. Please do not take offense.

Second, it is true that I work for a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation. However from 1998 to 2007, I championed the cause of trademark owner on a pro bono basis from a small IP boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina with about $1 million in annual revenue. My clients were all SME's who could barely afford to register a trademark yet alone deal with the burgeoning cybersquatting that was going on the web and the law was still woefully undeveloped making taking any action much more time consuming and expensive than it is today. IP protections are not for the just for the multi-nationals - IP protections (especially trademark law) are for SME's too and, most importantly, for consumers.

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 If we applied
your same argument, I could say that the anti-IP sentiments of the NCUC
have been championed for over 18 years by no more than 10 people who claim
to represent all non-contracted, non-commercial parties.

As contrasted with the newbies such as yourself, J. Scott, who continue to champion maximalist intellectual monopoly positions with no evidence that they have the support of the vast majority of trademark owners who, curiously, are neither multinational corporations nor high priced American law firms.

Very disappointed to see one of our tri-chairs resort to quasi-ad hominem attacks when confronted with a difference of opinion. That doesn't portend well for the future of this working group.

Edward Morris
GNSO Councillor
Noncommercial Stakeholders Group


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