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Phil Corwin psc at vlaw-dc.com
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Agreed as well, speaking personally.

Seems to me the logical place would be to have it hosted by ICANN with links from TMCH, contracted parties, and other logical  entities.

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I was on the call last week but admit to being distracted by an interruption part way through – possibly misheard the discussion on education but thought I should weigh in on the matter of educational efforts respecting the TMCH.

In my personal opinion it is important that all parties who can be touched by TMCH (including registrants) should easily be able to find a high level briefing/tutorial that educates them as to what TMCH is and how it affects them – including what obligations they may have and what rights they may enjoy in the process. Where that education tool appears - TMCH, ICANN – seems less important than the fact that it appears in a place where it will easily be seen.

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