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Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org
Mon May 1 15:37:06 UTC 2017

On 1/5/17 5:32 pm, Jonathan Agmon wrote:
> It's a direct quote from the USPTO's position on GIs. Not mine and not
> even from the EUTM...

Well, here's what else the U.S. has to say about GIs; this was released
yesterday.  Read page 22.


"The EU GI agenda remains highly concerning, especially because of the
significant extent to which it undermines the scope of trademarks and
other IP rights held by U.S. producers, and imposes barriers on market
access for American-made goods and services that rely on the use of
common names, such as parmesan or feta.

First, the EU GI system raises concerns regarding the extent to which it
impairs the scope of trademark protection, including with respect to
prior trademark rights. Trademarks are among the most effective ways for
producers and companies, including small- and medium-sized enterprises,
to create value, promote their goods and services, and protect their
brands, particularly with respect to food and beverage products covered
by the EU GI system. Many such products are already protected by
trademarks in the United States, in the EU, and around the world. ...

Second, troubling aspects of the EU GI system impact access for U.S. and
other producers in the EU market. The EU has identified hundreds of
terms that it argues only certain EU producers should be able to use. ..."

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