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Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Fri May 5 11:20:01 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Staff was asked about the scope of the Charter for this PDP. It may be helpful to review the Charter in full, available at: https://community.icann.org/x/2CWAAw.

Essentially, the Charter provides in relevant part that:
“At a minimum, in each Phase of this PDP, the Working Group is expected to first assess the effectiveness of the relevant RPM(s), for which the Working Group should seek the input of experienced online dispute resolution providers and other subject matter experts, as may be appropriate. The Working Group should also consider the interplay between and complementary roles of each RPM in seeking to more fully understand their overall functioning and effectiveness …. following its preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of the relevant RPM(s) in each phase of its work, the Working Group should consider the suggestions that have been made to date by the community regarding improvements or modifications to the RPM(s) in question.

… the Working Group should, at the conclusion of Phase One of its work, assess the need for modification to this Charter and, if appropriate, submit a request to the GNSO Council accordingly for the subsequent phase(s) of its work …

In addition to an assessment of the effectiveness of each RPM, the PDP Working Group is expected to consider, at the appropriate stage of its work, the overarching issue as to whether or not all the RPMs collectively fulfill the purposes for which they were created, or whether additional policy recommendations are needed, including to clarify and unify the policy goals. If such additional policy recommendations are needed, the Working Group is expected to develop recommendations to address the specific issues identified.

The Working Group is also directed to bear in mind that a fundamental underlying intention of conducting a review of all RPMs in all gTLDs is to create a framework for consistent and uniform reviews of these mechanisms in the future.”

If there is any question at any time about the scope of the Charter, the Working Group may agree to request clarification from the GNSO Council as its Chartering Organization, through the Council liaison to the Working Group.

We hope this is helpful.


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