[gnso-rpm-wg] FOR REVIEW/DISCUSSION THIS WEEK: List of questions on Additional Marketplace RPMs

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Thanks Mary.

Everyone please note that the revised question list is the primary focus of our call this Wednesday. Talk with you then.

Best regards

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Dear all,

You may recall that a third Sub Team was formed to review and refine the original list of questions concerning Additional Marketplace RPMs (initially referred to as Private Protections) at the end of May.
Please find attached – for your review and for Working Group discussion on our call this Wednesday - the proposed list of final questions that the Additional Marketplace RPMs Sub Team has agreed on.

Please note that the document is the staff draft of the Sub Team’s agreements, and as such the Sub Team may have corrections or additional information that it will provide on the Working Group call this week.

The original questions, all Sub Team calls, and interim drafts can be viewed at the Sub Team’s wiki workspace at https://community.icann.org/x/s8rRAw. Staff has also uploaded the attached list of proposed final questions to the “Documents” sub space for the Sub Team. In addition, the Sub Team agreed to archive all the questions that were deleted from the original list for Working Group reference – these can be found under the tab “Archive of Deleted Questions” in the same “Documents” sub space.

Thanks and cheers

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