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Good news, indeed.  

Thanks to Phil, Kathy & Mary.



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Excellent.  Thank you Mary and the rest of staff.


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Dear all,


As you know, the GNSO Council met yesterday after our Working Group call to
discuss and vote on the data request we submitted to them. Staff is pleased
to inform you that the Council approved the request, following an extensive
discussion of the cost, budget and resource estimate as well as the
objectives and nature of the data to be collected. The Council resolution is
appended below - you may wish to note that an added Resolved clause was
inserted to the text of the original motion that was submitted; we have
highlighted the new addition in yellow.


Staff will now work with our co-chairs to determine how we may best fulfill
the Council's directions, including following the next step in the process
which is submission of the request to ICANN Organization for budget work and


As Kathy and Phil were both on the Council call and participated actively in
the Council's discussions, they may well have additional thoughts and
information for everyone.


Council Resolution 20170920-1: GNSO Council Approval of Data Collection
Request from RPM Review PDP Working Group 

*	Submitted by Heather Forrest
*	Seconded by James Bladel, Wolf-Ulrich Knoben 



1.	In October 2015, the GNSO Council adopted all the consensus
recommendations from the Data & Metrics for Policy Making (DMPM) Working
Group and instructed ICANN staff to commence implementation of the
recommendations (https://gnso.icann.org/en/council/resolutions#20151021-1);
2.	The Metrics Request Decision Tree and Working Group Metrics Request
Form developed by the DMPM Working Group were consequently incorporated into
the GNSO's Working Group Guidelines
3.	The Working Group chartered by the GNSO Council to conduct the
Policy Development Process (PDP) to review all Rights Protection Mechanisms
(RPMs) in All gTLDs has, after extensive deliberations, developed a list of
data collection tasks that it believes are critical in order for it to
fulfill its Charter
4.	As part of its chartered tasks, the PDP Working Group was urged to
bear in mind that a fundamental underlying objective of its work is to
"create a framework for consistent and uniform reviews of these [RPMs] in
the future";
5.	The Competition, Consumer Protection and Consumer Trust (CCT) Review
Team convened under the ICANN Bylaws has noted the lack of, and need for,
data in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the various RPMs that were
created for ICANN's 2012 New gTLD Program round
pdf), and
6.	The PDP Working Group has developed and submitted a DMPM data
request form, as required by the GNSO's Working Group Guidelines, to the
GNSO Council for its approval on 16 September 2017



1.	The GNSO Council approves the DMPM request as submitted by the
Review of All RPMs in All gTLDs PDP Working Group.
2.	The GNSO Council instructs the leadership of the RPM PDP to work
with ICANN staff and any outside experts to structure the data request in
such a way that the value and relevance of the data is maximised.
3.	The GNSO Council directs ICANN policy staff to forward the DMPM
request to the appropriate department of ICANN Organization for the
requisite budget and resource approvals, with a further request that the
matter be considered and approved in as timely a fashion as practicable.
4.	The GNSO Council requests a follow up report from the Review of All
RPMs in All gTLDs PDP Working Group on the progress and outcomes of its DMPM
request in time for the GNSO Council's meeting scheduled for 21 December
2017, and a regular written report thereafter, at intervals of not less
frequently than monthly, followed by a detailed status report on the Working
Group's view of the utility of the data collection exercise on the progress
and timeline of Phase One of the PDP by ICANN61.


Thanks and cheers


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