[GNSO-RPM-WG] Submit Clarifying Questions & Comments - TMCH Sunrise & Claims Survey Final Report

Ariel Liang ariel.liang at icann.org
Tue Oct 23 11:04:50 UTC 2018

Dear RPM Working Group Members,

Following the presentation of Analysis Group on the TMCH Sunrise & Claims survey results (Session 2 & 3 during ICANN63), staff have created a google doc to facilitate the process of gathering clarifying questions and comments for Analysis Group’s Final Report: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S3OLDD0IviloUjvqlcXq3GMENStYhFeozi57I4tiaHM/edit?usp=sharing.

Specifically, you are welcome to focus your clarifying questions/comments on the Survey Results Section (Section V, pp.7-45). The full responses to all survey questions are included in the Appendix A.1-4; you are also encouraged to ask clarifying questions or comment on the survey results not highlighted in Section V.

When providing input, please reference the page number, as well as the chart/table number (if applicable) of the Final Report. Everyone can suggest edits/comment on the Google Doc, so your input will show as redline and can be identified with individuals. Please provide your input no later than Monday, 05 November.

Session 2<https://63.schedule.icann.org/meetings/901716> and Session 3<https://63.schedule.icann.org/meetings/901722> audio and AC room recordings are already available on the meeting pages. Transcripts should be available shortly after ICANN63.

Thank you for your time and contribution!

Best Regards,
Mary, Julie, Ariel & Berry

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