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I am fine with the comments, and the way to keep information 
confidential, suggested by Marika,

I would favor starting the terms for the team after the charter is 

Best regards


Le 28/02/2018 à 18:36, Emily Barabas a écrit :
> Dear SSC members,
> As a reminder, your input is encouraged on the items below regarding 
> proposed SSC charter revisions.
> Kind regards,
> Emily
> *From: *Emily Barabas <emily.barabas at icann.org>
> *Date: *Tuesday 20 February 2018 at 21:21
> *To: *"gnso-ssc at icann.org" <gnso-ssc at icann.org>
> *Subject: *Proposed SSC charter revisions - items for discussion
> Dear SSC members,
> On the last SSC call, members reviewed proposed revisions to the SSC 
> charter, which were drafted in response to comments received here: 
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c0NllDbjSFap0KR9s61a8uXJoH78FqLtBTOgahLVeLQ/edit. 
> The latest version of the proposed charter revisionsare attached.
> Several items were identified for further discussion over the mailing 
> list. Your input is kindly requested on the mailing list regarding the 
> following items:
>   * The section of the charter on Transparency currently states:
>     “Unless otherwise directed by the GNSO Council, the names of all
>     applicants and all documents received during the selection process
>     shall be considered public and published on the GNSO web-site or
>     other ICANN web-site. To facilitate its deliberations, the SSC may
>     decide to conduct some or all of its deliberations in private, but
>     if so, it is expected to provide a rationale with its
>     recommendations.” Some SSC members have suggested that the SSC
>     should conduct deliberations privately by default, publishing
>     emails sent to the mailing list, meeting notes, call recordings,
>     and other materials relevant to a selection process only after the
>     selection process has been completed. Do members support proposing
>     this change to the charter? Another suggestion made by an SSC
>     member was to continue the current practices regarding
>     transparency but add disclaimer text to the SSC wiki indicating
>     that all SSC recommendations are subject to GNSO Council approval.
>     Are there additional proposals that SSC members would like to make?
>       o On the last call, some SSC members raised questions about how
>         the NomCom operates with respect to confidentiality of
>         deliberations, noting that the NomCom is also a body that
>         conducts selection processes for positions within ICANN.
>         According the NomCom Operating Procedures
>         (https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/nomcom2018-procedures-2017-12-15-en#A4),
>         the NomCom keeps all deliberations confidential throughout the
>         selection process and continues to keep this information
>         confidential after the selection process is complete. This is
>         a higher level of confidentiality than SSC members have
>         proposed for the SSC.
>       o Staff has investigated options for enabling the SSC to delay
>         public posting of materials, including email and call records
>         and other documentation, until after deliberations for an
>         appointment are complete. While administratively more
>         complicated than the current setup, this is possible from a
>         technical perspective.
>   * Under Review Team Appointment Principles, proposed text for bullet
>     8 included the following text: “The level of consensus reached by
>     the SSC on the selected candidates will also be communicated [to
>     the GNSO Council] as well as any minority views, should these
>     exist.” Do SSC members think that it is appropriate to keep the
>     text “as well as any minority views, should these exist” given
>     that the SSC operates by full consensus? Should this text be
>     clarified to state that the SSC should communicate minority views
>     only if consensus is not possible to reach?
>   * The same bullet 8 states: “The SSC shall notify candidates of its
>     recommendations to the GNSO Council at the same time that it
>     notifies the GNSO Council of its recommendations, making clear
>     that the recommendations are subject to GNSO Council
>     consideration.”Is the SSC comfortable with beginning to implement
>     this new step after the GNSO Council approves the revised charter
>     (as opposed to sooner)?
> Thanks in advance for your input on these items.
> Kind regards,
> Emily
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